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Medications often intervene in the hormonal balance of women. Especially if you are trying a home pregnancy test, the medications you are on play a very important role. If you are wondering 'can azo cause false positive pregnancy tests' then you are on the right track! Let's get to know about azo pills and their effects in more detail!


How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

If you are thinking can urine pregnancy test give false positive, here's your answer to that!

Most pregnancy tests are driven by urine tests. They function by checking your urine for a hormone called hCG. HCG is a hormone that is released in the child-bearers body when a fetus has attached to the uterus.

The pregnancy tests simply detect these levels and give out a positive or negative result. However, it does not realize what is the reason behind the higher levels of HCG hormones. Hence, if your hormone levels have been altered by something other than actual pregnancy, you might be up for a false alarm.

If the hCG hormone is secreted in your body due to certain medications such as Azo, then a wrong pregnancy test can be detected due to imbalanced hormone levels. If you are planning to take a pregnancy test, then it is important to stay away from fertility medicines. Check all your medications from your respective doctors, even the over-the-counter medicines and understand whether these can cause any problems for your pregnancy test.

 All You Need To Know About Azo Pills

All You Need To Know About Azo Pills

Azo pills are used to treat urinary tract infections and are an easily available over-the-counter medicine. These are completely safe and can be consumed by anyone for UTIs. However, when it comes to pregnant women, there is a debate about whether Azo pills can be considered safe or not.

These pills have an active ingredient of phenazopyridine. Can phenazopyridine cause a false positive pregnancy test? Let's find out.

This ingredient from these pills can change the colour of the urine and interfere with the urine's composition to treat urinary tract infections. However, when taking a pregnancy test, it might result in a negative effect since urine is the key indicator for home pregnancy tests.

This element from the azo pills also has a quality that allows it to enter the uterus, cross the placenta and mix with the fetus. Hence, such types of medications are usually better avoided for pregnant women. It might cause health issues for the fetus in the future.


Can Azo Cause a False Negative Pregnancy Test Result?

A false negative result is only possible when the urine contains less or no levels of HCG hormones. If you are pregnant this is an extremely rare scenario. Azo pills in general cannot cause false negative results.

You might find a false negative result if you have used a pregnancy test too early. In normal circumstances, taking a pregnancy test two to three weeks after a missed period is the ideal time to provide the right results. If you have opted for an IVF embryo transfer then 10 DPT (days past transfer) or 14 DPT is the right time to take a pregnancy test.

When you drink a lot of water before taking the pregnancy test or if you are using an expired test, there might be chances of a false negative result. You can always go for a double check or a proper medical pregnancy test or sonography from your gynaecologist to be sure of the result.


Can Azo Cause False Positive Pregnancy Test Results?

A lot of times people ask can a UTI give a false positive pregnancy test. However, it's not the UTI that does anything to the hormone levels, instead, it is the medicines that we take for UTIs.

So can azo cause a positive pregnancy test? The chances of women getting a false positive pregnancy test due to azo pills is quite rare. The azo pill manufacturers have claimed that false positive pregnancy tests due to azo pills have occurred in even less than 1% of the women who tested after taking an azo pill.

Apart from this, there might be other reasons through which you can get a false positive test. These reasons include abortion, miscarriage and other medical conditions. In case you have just been through a pregnancy and have aborted or had a miscarriage, your body's hormone levels may be still in the pregnancy state. Allow your body's hormone levels to come back to normal. This usually happens after 3 weeks of the end of pregnancy.

Along with that, if there is an error in the usage of the pregnancy tests or if you do not go through with the user manual properly, it could also result in a false pregnancy test.


Effects of Azo on Pregnancy

If you are thinking 'Can azo cause a false positive pregnancy test' you are probably also on the lines of worrying whether it has any effect on your pregnancy. Let's clear that up!

The best way to prevent your unborn child from any excessive medication is to hydrate well and maintain genital hygiene so that you don't catch UTIs in the first place. Azo medications are recommended by doctors when a woman catches UTI. Even though there have been no reports of azo medications harming mothers or fetuses, it has been known to get passed on through the breast milk and might enter the placenta and mix with the fetus.

There is no clarity on any adverse side effects that this might cause. However, if a doctor prescribes an azo medication to you, then it must be because the pros overshadow the cons. You can try searching or consulting the doctor for an alternative to azo.


Effects of Azo on Menstruation

Azo pills alter the hormonal balance of your internal system and hence can play a major role in altering your menstrual cycle as well. If your period is delayed by more than 10 days after being on an azo medication, then it's time to contact your doctor!


Final Words

Azo is ideally an effective drug that helps in treating UTIs and killing bacteria in the urinary tract. However, when it comes to pregnant women, there are several aspects of concern.


Now that you know the effects and workings of azo, you can decide for yourself whether you want to take it during pregnancy or not. If you were thinking 'can azo cause false positive pregnancy test', hope this has helped you get some clarity on that!

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