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Beat the heat with our Adult Cooling Patch! Stay cool, calm, and collected with 20 sheets of fever-reducing, mommed gel patches. Feel relief from fever, discomfort, and heat stress with our drug-free fever reducer. It's a must-have for first aid, at home, and on the go!

Immediate Cooling Relief from Fever Discomfort & Pain Relief

Physical cooling relief. Gentle skin-friendly
Cool and comfort. Safe to use with medication
Safe for adults and children


Avoid contacting with the eyes, mucous membranes or rashes

Do not apply to wounds or damaged or very sensitive skin

Apply cooling gel patch will not stick if the skin is wet

Please see a doctor if rashes, redness, itching or irritation occurs Storage

If pregnant or breast-feeding, you are forbidden to use

Customer Reviews

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Ms. Opinionated
A must have in my fridge.

I recently discovered them when I got some kid-size patches for my daughter to have at hand when her babies get sick and they were a success. I decided to get these for myself since I tend to get overheated which causes me to have headaches. I apply one of these patches on my forehead and one on the back of my neck and they really help cool me down and ease my headache quite a bit. I hate taking pills so anything that will help with my headaches is greatly appreciated. These patches come in three different sizes and adhere very well to my skin with little to no residue left behind when removed. I like leaving them in my fridge so they can be nice and cold when I apply them. These are definitely a must have especially if you have kids.

Plant Mom
Easy to carry and have on hand when you need it

These are really great to have in the medicine cabinet or in my purse when fever or headaches strike or when I feel overheated. Much better than trying to find cooling packs that you store in the freezer, too, and more comfortable. Everyone needs this in their home. It's a genius idea.

Lacey Ann
Cooling for several hours

There are 20 individualy wrapped fever patches. They are adult and baby friendly. They are not just for fevers but help with soreness as well. The patches can last up to 8 hours. Has a cooling gel on the patch. It does not hurt to take the patches off and there is no pulling like a band-aid. You can cut the patches to fit the size you need.

Cool not cold, icy hot feel, easy to remove

Feels cool not cold. Takes about 20 minutes to achieve the peak cool. Initially the gel feels wet on the skin, cools similarly to sweating. You naturally feel cool when you are wet or sweating. Eventually it feels like icy hot, it’s a cool almost prickly burn sensation, difficult to distinguish the difference. Smells like eucalyptus, but the scent is subtle and does not burn the eyes.
Grippy gel pad on one side and cloth like fabric on the other. Cute little white polar bears on the fabric side; should make your child smile.
It does work if you give it time. But don’t move it around, it loses its effectiveness to cool and stick.

Laura S.

I’m glad I ordered these when I did because my 1 year old is teething and developed a sinus infection because of it. She spiked a fever so I gave her Tylenol and put one of these on her forehead. Her fever quickly dropped down to a low grade fever. Very impressed with these.