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Why MomMed?

S21 Wearable Breast Pump

  • Winner of four industry awards
  • 3 modes, 12 levels
  • More discreet, more lightweight
  • Convenient and low noise
  • Anti-leak design

Electric Bottle Brush Cleaner Set

  • 2024 Parents' Picks Awards winner
  • 2 modes & 3 heads for versatile cleaning
  • Quick, thorough cleaning with no missed spots
  • 90 minutes of use on a single charge
  • Durable, BPA-free, antibacterial silicone material

MomMed Pregnancy Test

  • Top 10 seller on Amazon
  • Get results in 5 minutes
  • Over 99% accuracy
  • Safe and individually packed
  • Fast and easy to test from home

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Loved by Moms Everywhere
Loved by Moms Everywhere
I love how sleek and how unnoticeable they are! It is so quiet no one would even know you're pumping!
— @kayhall_
Loved by Moms Everywhere
This is a game changer for saving breast milk nutrition! Perfect for those late nights!
— @whitlow.mama
Loved by Moms Everywhere
The suction on them is really, really good! They are also super cute and pretty lightweight.
— @feelinlikejen
Loved by Moms Everywhere
The HCG urine test is precise and gives you the security you need!
— @thehedley5

Brand Story

MomMed is a maternity and baby brand dedicated to providing helpful products and fostering a loving, caring, and supportive community. With a commitment to quality and excellence, MomMed offers a comprehensive range of products designed to support mothers throughout their journey of nurturing and caring for their little ones.