S21 Double Wearable Breast Pump-Tranquil Grey

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  • Long battery lifer: 4-6 Sessions
  • Capacity of 6.08 oz/180 ml
  • 3 modes & 12 levels of intensity
  • 108° ergonomic flange fits most breasts
  • Less parts to Wash & Assemble
  • Lightweight and comfort Suction
Key Features

Vacuum: 280mmHg
Material: PP + Silicone
Default Flange Size: 24mm
Silent: Noise less than 45dB
Usage Time: 150mims/5-6times
Charging Port: Type-C (compatible with 5V 1A adapter)
Container Capacity: 6 oz
Weight: 230g

We have such a guide exclusively to solve this problem of moms, you can check the guide on how to measure your flange size.

What's included

Pump Motor * 2
USB Cable (Type-C) * 2
Linker * 2
Milk Collector * 2
Silicone Flange (24 mm) * 2
Flange Insert (17mm) * 2
Flange Insert (19mm) * 2
Flange Insert (21mm) * 2
Silicone Diaphragm * 4
Duckbill Valve * 6

Storage Bag * 10
Nipple Ruller * 1
Nursing Bra Extender * 1
Breastfeeding Guidebook * 1
User Manual * 1

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Breastfeeding starts with comfort.

MomMed understands that breastfeeding should be a comfortable experience for mothers. If you are struggling with low milk supply or experiencing pain while pumping, we are here to help.

This upgraded pump offers busy moms a liberating hands-free experience and an intuitive Smart Display. It also comes with 3 modes, 12 levels, 24mm shield and flange Inserts (17mm, 19mm, 21mm) for an ideal, personalized fit.

Innovative Design

Our breast pump offers a hands-free and discreet design that allows you to pump while multitasking and moving around.

The comfortable fit is perfect for wearing under clothes and adjustable suction levels provide customized pumping. Plus, it's rechargeable and has a quiet motor for easy use on-the-go.

Breast issues?

Wearable breast pumps activate milk ducts, collect and empty breasts efficiently to increase milk supply, and save time for mothers. They also alleviate breast issues like blocked milk ducts, making breastfeeding comfortable and effortless.

What to look for in a breast pump?

MomMed breast pump is designed to be lightweight and comfortable, with a compact and portable design that makes it easy to use on-the-go. The soft and flexible breast cups provide a natural fit and minimize discomfort, making pumping a more pleasant experience.
Overall, this breast pump offers a convenient and efficient way to express milk, perfect for busy nursing mothers who want a comfortable and easy-to-use option.

Chargeable, Wearable

30mins Auto Shut off

Automatic breast pump with memory function, 20 minutes of scheduled shutdown. One charge for 5-6 using times, to satisfy almost half a day’s needs. You can halt operation at your own personal choice too.

Preparing to Pump

When preparing for breastfeeding, you may also be considering how to use a breast pump properly.

Note: It is essential to understand how to clean and disinfect the breast pump correctly to ensure safety and hygiene.

Customer Reviews

Based on 374 reviews
giovi visconti
First Time Mom Must-Have

Amazing pumps for first time moms!!

HONEST product. Affordable. User-friendly. Quiet. Pain-free suction. Light weight. Type-C charger.

Easy to use.
Easy to assemble.
Timer is lit and built in on pump.
Discreetly small in size compared to other brands.
Extra parts are free: bra strap, brush, type-c cable, 24mm and 27mm flanges and storage bags.
Only 4 parts to clean! and the milk collector opens up completely that makes it easy to clean.
Charging port is a Type-C! which means i can charge it on-the-go through my phone charger and power bank.

I am a mom of 3 breastfed kids. My eldest is now 8 and my youngest is 2 months old.
I used the more expensive wearable breast pumps for my older kids.

I did not realize how much inconvenience i had with my old pump until i tried MomMed.
My old pump is heavier and bulky.
I've spent at least $30 on flextubes for my old pump every 3 months.
Spent an extra $50 for the 27mm flanged milk container for my old pump. It came in free for MomMed.
I have to maneuver the milk collection chamber skillfully to avoid leaking breastmilk for my old pump.
It's harder to clean my old pump. The brush it came with does not reach the inside nooks and crannies of the milk collection chamber.

Discrete shape, buttons confused me a little

This comes as a set of two which is much better than buying one individual one as some others are sold as. For using around the house or on the go I want to be pumping both sides at once, not just doing one then the other. If you’re only mainly breastfeeding from one side though I can see how one would be better (so you can just empty the one that didn’t get fed from). However if you’re exclusively pumping or pumping both sides, having two makes it much faster.
You can’t be doing strenuous activity while you’re attached to these. They’re best for light housework or if you’re just wanting to pump and not be hooked up to a machine. Definitely can’t be making large movements.
The buttons are located on the top so you can adjust it easily while it’s attached to you. Personally I did find the buttons take some getting used to. You need to long press the power button to turn it on and off, but short press the power button to switch between different modes. Then there are 12 levels in each mode that it can be adjusted to with the plus and minus buttons.
Easier and more comfortable to wear if you get a larger bra to help secure these in place. They will be noticeable but not as bad if you’re wearing a baggier shirt or sweatshirt.
These portable pumps are a good option if you’re needing more freedom while pumping (like tending to another child or wanting to do work). Definitely allows you to have more freedom while multitasking and you don’t have to fiddle with the tubes that are attached to plug in pumps.

marissa spartz

I absolutely love this pump! It comes in handy for when I’m working or trying to get stuff done around the house. Don’t be fooled by the size because it actually holds a good amount of milk during each pump it fits 10 ounces total. I did have to order different size flanges because the ones that come with it are way too big but overall I like it. I do wish it was a little more quiet because it is somewhat loud but not obnoxiously loud.

A 5/5 for me!

Happy Tuesday everyone, I wanted to hop on here and share my review of this wearable breast pump in case any other mom’s are like me and struggling with suction pain ☺️ I am not affiliated with MomMed or Amazon at all, just happened to stumble across this pump while watching TikTok reviews and for me it’s been a game changer!• Name of breast pump:MomMed S21, I bought mine on Amazon they had a coupon when I purchased, plus I used some girl’s code off of TikTok 😂 so I got the set for $100!• My experience so far:This is my third child, third time breastfeeding, but my first wearable pump. I looked at reviews and watched TikTok’s for all the “big ticket” wearable pumps and this pump as well. I didn’t have a budget when it came to a wearable pump, but I wanted to make sure I did all my research, and got the most bang for my buck.Now I’m someone who is sensitive to suction, breastfeeding is painful for me for the first couple of minutes to no fault of my baby (we’ve met with multiple LC’s her latch is great/ we are doing everything right) so in my case I’m just very sensitive 😅 so my main goal was to find a pump that didn’t cause me any discomfort whatsoever. While watching the video reviews, I saw women saying the other wearable pumps hurt them, even on the lowest setting. However, every video I watched on the MomMed S21 pump talked about how painless it was to use while also having enough suction to make it worth it. So I decided to give it a try because 1) Multiple reviews talked it up and 2) it’s a very budget friendly wearable pump compared to some of the other options outs there.I got it in yesterday, washed all of the parts, let them air dry, and then decided to give it a try about an hour after I had fed my baby. I used it on expression mode- level one (lowest setting) and it was perfect! It didn’t hurt me or make me uncomfortable at all and it emptied me just as well as my electric/ plug-in pump! For reference, I have a Motif Luna as my electric/plug-in pump- I also use it on level one- expression mode (lowest setting) and it causes me slight discomfort due to the suction.• Output:I get the same milk output in a 20 minute session with my Motif Luna as I do this MomMed wearable pump! This was shocking to me as I’ve heard people say wearable pumps don’t empty you as good as a electric/plug-in pump does, but that obviously wasn’t the case for me. Obviously if that changes down the road I still have my Motif Luna that I can use as well.I attached a couple of photos to show my output from the MomMed wearable pump. I put out 3oz from my right, and 4oz from my left after a 20 minute pump session. Also, the pump auto shuts off after 20 minutes, a wonderful feature in my opinion because then I don’t have to worry about watching or setting a timer! However, if you wanted to pump longer you could just turn the pump back on.• Noise:The noise level is fine in my opinion, it’s obviously not silent but it’s barely noticeable to others, my baby slept peacefully right beside me as I used it. You can look up reviews on YouTube or TikTok comparing this pump against other wearable pumps, the reviews I watched compared all the features including noise level, so if you’re worried about how loud/ quiet your pump is, I definitely recommend watching those type of reviews.• Final Thoughts:All in all, I am very pleased with it and plan to use the MomMed S21 wearable pump as my primary pump from here on out. However, I want to note that I only pump twice a day since I mainly put baby to breast, so I’m not sure how well this would do if you’re an exclusive pumper. As with everything, what works for me may not work for you, and this is why it’s so important to do your research and watch video reviews, but for me this pump is my favorite out of everything I’ve tried. I’ve tried an electric Medela pump, my Motif Luna pump, a Laninsoh hand pump, and now this pump, and I seriously cannot recommend this pump enough!