MomMed Refund Policy

  1. Ordered can be canceled for full refunds within 12 hours of payment and order confirmation. After 12 hours, you can submit a MomMed Refund Request at or our live chat customer support on
    2. Please provide us with the following info. when contacting us: the type(Replacement/Refund); Email Address; Contact Name; Order ID; Issue Details and Paypal Email Address
  2. Refunds can be issued within 30 days of the original purchase date.

MomMed Product Warranty

  1. MomMed Quality Guarantee: All products are carefully tested for quality control prior to shipment. However, we will offer a free exchange and pay for shipping expenses for defective products.
    2. All MomMed products purchased on our official website include a 1-year limited warranty. Our 1-year warranty covers a period of 365 days from the order date.
    3. MomMed warranty does not cover: accidental damage or misuse, disassembling the product, improper handling or storage, and any damage caused by the unintended use of the product.
    4. The customer must submit a Warranty Replacement Request on our official website
    5. MomMed’s Customer Service Department will review all Warranty Replacement Requests and has the right to approve or deny warranty coverage.
    6. We offer FREE lifetime customer support to resolve any issues you may have with our product. To report an issue, please contact us at or our live chat customer support on

Liability Waiver

MomMed is not responsible for incidents or any other damage caused by the unintended use of the product.