Ovulation Test Strips - LH60

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Unlock your fertility potential with MomMed Ovulation Test Strips!

Our LH60 test offers reliable LH surge predictor OPK kit with 60 collection cups, enabling fast and accurate tracking of ovulation.

Experience high sensitivity results with safe packaging and quality tests - ensuring peace of mind and your best chance of success!

MomMed Ovulation Test Strips (LH50/60/105)

Not sure how to do it?

DO test between 10am and 8pm. DON’T use first morning urine.

DON’T miss your LH surge. Do test twice a day.

Unlike pregnancy tests, which require first morning urine, ovulation tests are
most effective when used in the afternoon or evening when luteinizing
hormone (LH) levels are typically highest.

A heads up.

Most home pregnancy tests claim to be up to 99% accurate. But the accuracy depends on:

  • How you use them: Check the expiration date and follow the instructions. Wait up to 10 minutes after taking the
    test to check the results window.
  • When you use them: Most home pregnancy tests can accurately detect pregnancy after a missed period. Testing urine first thing in the morning can boost accuracy.
  • Who uses them: Each woman ovulates at a different time in her menstrual cycle, and implantation can occur at different times. Home pregnancy tests can be accurate as soon as 1 day after a missed period for some
    women but not for others.
  • The brand of test: MomMed pregnancy tests are more sensitive than others. For that reason, some tests are better than others at detecting HCG early on.

Experience your path to parenthood with MomMed test strips.

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There’s no doubt that getting a "positive" result is a happy thing.

Always be positive in life. MomMed will be with you every step of the way to and during motherhood.