MomMed Baby Scale - 24 Inch

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  • 4 highly precise sensors provide accurate and stable readings.
  • Measure range from 0.11lb-220lb (50g-100kg). Measures in increments of
    0.02lb /10g.
  • Unique Design
  • Safe and Comfortable Baby Tray - Reinforced Surfaces - Large LCD Display - Perfect Craft.
  • Unimpeachable Details
  • Bonus Growth Chart - Free AAA Batteries- High Sensitivity Touch Button- Tare function, Hold function, kg/oz/lb switchable.
Key Features
  • High precision sensors for accurate and stable readings
  • Measure range from 0.1lb-220lb (50g-100kg)
  • Hold function to keep weight on display even when baby moves
  • On/Off, Zero function, Hold function, kg /oz / lb /lb:oz switchable
  • Can be used for Infant, Child, Adult, and Baby Pets
  • Height measurement available
  • Two swivel locks on bottom of tray
  • 2 free AAA batteries included
  • Large LCD display with bright backlit display for easy reading from any distance or angle

MomMed Baby Scale

As a parent, do you want to make sure your little one is growing up healthy and strong?

The MomMed Baby Scale makes it easy to monitor your child's weight and ensure they're developing as they should. With accurate readings even when your baby is moving, thanks to the automatic and manual hold function, you can track their progress with confidence.

Plus, the sleek and modern design of the scale will look great in any nursery or bathroom. Get peace of mind and keep your baby on track with the MomMed Baby Scale.

From 'Gram' to 'Grown'

Capturing Every 'Ounce' of Your Baby's Journey!

Easy Peasy Operation

MomMed Baby Scale comes with a tare weight button and a lock feature, so no more fussing about with moving or clothing messing up the numbers. Even if your baby can't sit still, say bye to the hassle of old-school weighing.

Capturing Every 'Ounce' of Your Baby's Journey!

In those crucial 0-1 years, MomMed Baby Scale is the top pick for new moms. When your baby faces feeding troubles, falls ill, or deals with weight worries, keeping tabs on their weight is a must!

Precision Measurement down to 0.01

MomMed Baby Scale rocks four high-tech sensors and a no-slip pad, giving you accurate weight readings down to 0.01. Perfect for keeping an eye on your baby's growth from day one.

Nighttime Convenience with High-Definition LCD Display

With a snazzy big LCD display, MomMed Baby Scale is a breeze to read even in the dark. Enjoy the ease and peace of mind for those nighttime check-ups.

Baby-Friendly Brilliance

The removable body of the baby scale features an ergonomic arc design to prevent baby rollovers, coupled with a height scale to track your baby's growth up to 60cm. It's the perfect companion from infancy to childhood, emphasizing a thoughtful design for your little one's well-being.

Family-Friendly Convenience

Meet the diverse needs of your family effortlessly. With a detachable weighing body suitable for both adults and children, a wide weight range of 0.1lb-220lb (50g-100kg), and its multifunctional design, it not only caters to different family members but also saves space, making it an eco-friendly and convenient choice.

Customer Reviews

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Jason D.
Pretty accurate- great for checking baby weight at home

Pretty accurate- great for checking baby weight at home

Naomi Freeman
Love this product!

Love this product!

W. Joseph
Great for a pet scale

Great for a pet scale

Amazon Customer
Accurate, Streamlined, and Easy to Put Together

I purchased the MomMed Baby Scale after having my baby in September. The feature that I love most about this unit is that it has a sturdy plastic tray that clips together in the middle for weighing your baby, infant, or toddler. Once the tray is removed you can use it as an adult scale, and since it snaps apart in half; it is small and easy to store. As far as accuracy, this measurement is spot on and it adjusts to different units. I also appreciate that it has a long battery life. My only suggestion is maybe going up to the 29" size for weighing bigger toddlers if necessary.

Get it! Great for its price!

Came earlier than expected. Easy to assemble and use. And accurate. Love the appearance. I loved how our purchase helped children receive healthcare benefits !! That’s so awesome. Also received a free gift for making the purchase. Please only place on flat surface so that the baby is safe and it is accurate, not sure why people are placing it on carpet or where ever.