MomMed Baby Nasal Aspirator

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MomMed Baby Nasal Aspirator

MomMed Manual Baby Nasal Aspirator, for Clear Breathing and Happy Babies!
Beat the Runny Nose Blues with Ease!

Clear Breathing and Happy Babies!

Wave goodbye to the runny nose blues!
Babies aged 0-12 months can't blow their noses, leaving them stuffed up and struggling to breathe. But fret not! Our manual nasal aspirator tackles this problem effortlessly!

Adjustable Suction, Baby's Comfort First!

Your Safety Buddy

No more rough tactics to deal with your baby's snot! Our manual nasal aspirator lets you adjust the suction for gentle yet effective mucus removal, ensuring your baby's comfort all the way!

Soft and Gentle 1CM Silicone Care

Customized for Small Nose

The 1cm soft silicone tip ensures a comfy fit for your baby's tender nose. Hospital-grade silicone means no irritation, just pure comfort for your little munchkin!

Instant Relief, Unblock those Airways!

Master of Cleanliness

Thanks to its anti-backflow design, our nasal aspirator offers quick relief from congestion. Even with continuous suction, mucus won't come back, letting your baby breathe easy!

Gentle Nose Clip for Hassle-Free Mucus Removal!

Easy-peasy Mucus Removal

With its rounded nose clip, getting rid of mucus is a breeze without any harm to your baby. Thoughtful design makes cleaning a cinch, keeping your baby smiling!

Thorough Cleaning, No Hiding Spots

100% Detachable Parts

Every part, big or small, can be easily detached for thorough cleaning, leaving no dirt behind! We've got your baby's safety and hygiene covered!

Baby Registry Lifesaver

This manual nasal aspirator not only clears up runny noses but also makes cleaning up a breeze, ensuring a healthier, happier journey for your little one!


Mommed, founded by a visionary mother and entrepreneur, reverently cherishes the sacredness of motherhood. We recognize that mothers play multifaceted roles that extend far beyond parenting. Our mission is to champion maternal rights and empower every family. Our vision is to enable mothers to explore their authentic selves on their individual journeys.

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
V. Acevedo

I love this product! I use it for oral suction when baby has mucus production and I love the fact that it’s clear so you can see what you have taken out. The fact that you can open and clean it is a huge win. The suction on it is still perfect after you’ve opened and cleaned it. Highly recommend it.

The best child nasal aspirator

This nasal aspirator is so soft and gentle to use for removing boogers and snot from little ones. And because it's clear and unscrews you can clean it thoroughly. So much better than the typical nasal aspirator.

M ayala
Best of the best

Is the best bugger sucker you’ll ever find is better than the ones they give u at the hospitals for newborns

Just buy it

Really like this bulb nose sucker. So easy to use and the suction is really good compared to our electric one. Would recommend

Big Bird
Very effective, easy to clean

We have gone through several suction bulbs that did not work well or did not get a good enough suction. Plus, it is very easy to clean and sanitize. This one is great. We bought two.