Can You Get Pregnant Right ...

Abortion can be a different experience for each woman. Some might be ready to become pregnant immediately after an unsuccessful pregnancy while others might want to take it slow. Is your pregnancy test still positive 5 weeks after abortion? Are you wondering 5 weeks after abortion, positive pregnancy test can be real or not? Then here are the answers to all your questions!


Can You Get Pregnant Right After Abortion?

The answer is yes. Abortion is a process that does not meddle with the natural fertility of any woman. While your earlier pregnancy may be terminated, you are still fully capable to get pregnant right after an abortion.


Women often think that abortion will have long-term side effects leading to infertility or unhealthy effects on future children. However, that's not true. The maximum side effect that abortion can cause would be premature delivery for future children in some rare cases. It does not necessarily affect the child's health and fertility conditions of the uterus.


What Does a Positive Pregnancy Test Right After Abortion Mean?

A faint positive pregnancy test 5 weeks after abortion need not necessarily be correct. Taking a double test or proper sonography would be the best way to find out whether you are pregnant.


Taking pregnancy tests through a kit made for home tests is not recommended if you have just gone through an abortion. Taking a test 5 weeks after abortion, positive pregnancy test can be a false alarm. This is because the hormone levels of the body are still at the pregnancy stage.

How Does Abortion Affect Menstruation?

Abortion ideally causes the menstruation cycle to restart. Most of the women who have experienced abortion have found that their menstrual cycle has gone back to normal right after 4 to 8 weeks post-abortion. 5 weeks after abortion, bleeding flow would also go back to normal.


After a proper medical abortion, the body would usually take this estimated time to heal and resume menstruating processes. The blood flow for the first period after abortion might be heavier and longer than usual.


How Long Should You Wait To Be Pregnant After Abortion?

Pregnancy right after abortion can be possible. However, to make sure that your body has healed completely, 8-12 weeks might be a good time post-abortion to wait for pregnancy.


There is no fixed period as to when one can become pregnant after an abortion. If you feel like you are ready, your body will usually comply.


However, in the opposite case, if you feel like you are not ready, feel free to take your time. Going through an abortion is tough and taking time to process and move on from what has happened might be difficult for many.


Moreover, it is also important to be mentally prepared to go through this journey. Opt for pregnancy after abortion only when you feel you are both physically and mentally ready.


Is it possible that an abortion did not work?

Sometimes, your abortion processes fail to show real effects on the pregnancy. Such cases usually occur with patients who have gone for self-medications or have taken abortion pills (a two-pill course for abortion through medications)


If you have any of the following signs persisting after an abortion, these could be symptoms of a prolonged pregnancy even after an abortion:

  • Moderate to severe vaginal bleeding (requiring one pad an hour or more)
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Pain in the back, buttocks, genitalia, and/or perineum
  • A fever
  • Any persisting genital infection


If you are facing any of these symptoms and find your pregnancy test still positive after 5 weeks of abortion, it might be a good idea to speak to your gynecologist.


Why can I get 5 weeks after abortion, positive pregnancy test?

As mentioned above, unmonitored hormone levels that remain the same for a while after abortion can cause false pregnancy test positives. Similarly, there are a few reasons which can cause you to get 5 weeks after abortion, positive pregnancy test which are as follows:


1. Fertility Medications

If you are on any medications to boost fertility, particularly the ones that help boost HCG hormones and increase those levels in the body, it can meddle with the pregnancy test results. As the home pregnancy tests work by detecting the levels of increased hormones that are particularly secreted during pregnancy, such medications can result in a false alarm due to their property of altering the hormonal levels.


If you are on any such medication 5 weeks after abortion, positive pregnancy test false alarms can be avoided by taking the test 2-3 weeks post the completion of the medication course.


2. Incomplete Procedure

In case of a miscarriage or an incomplete abortion, your uterus might be left with a few pregnancy tissues which need to be discarded. Don't worry! The presence of these tissues does not mean that you are still pregnant. You would only have to go through some minor medicational course or minor surgery to completely clear these pregnancy tissues.


However, checking how long after abortion hcg levels go down can help you identify the results of your pregnancy test accurately.


A faint positive pregnancy test 5 weeks after abortion can also be because such tissues have been left in the body which causes these tests to falsely detect a positive.


Final Words 

There are multiple reasons why you can get 5 weeks after abortion, positive pregnancy test results. While it is 100% possible to get pregnant right after an abortion, a home pregnancy test can detect a false pregnancy based on various reasons such as higher body hormone levels, incomplete procedures, failed abortion and so on.


If you have gotten a positive test on home pregnancy tests, it would be best to check for some of the signs and symptoms and know whether your abortion has worked. You can also get a second opinion by medical pregnancy tests or sonographies for accurate pregnancy reports.