S18 Double Cordless Breast Pump-Tranquil Grey

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Cleaning & Care

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With modern breast pumps, pumping is no longer a restrictive task.

If you are experiencing issues with breastfeeding, such as not having enough milk, you may want to try this S18 wearable breast pump that comes with 9 levels of intensity. The smaller increments allow for more precise adjustments to suit each breast.


A comfortable fit

For Every Mom

Enjoy a natural and pain-free way of collecting breast milk. The soft material creates a gentle suction that mimics your baby's nursing rhythm. You can customize the suction strength by adjusting the pressure on the pump body.

Breast issues?

Wearable breast pumps activate milk ducts, collect and empty breasts efficiently to increase milk supply, and save time for mothers. They also alleviate breast issues like blocked milk ducts, making breastfeeding comfortable and effortless.

Preparing to Pump

When preparing for breastfeeding, you may also be considering how to use a breast pump properly.

Note: It is essential to understand how to clean and disinfect the breast pump correctly to ensure safety and hygiene.

Customer Reviews

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Great breast pump

As an exclusive pumping, I think it’s a Great pump, really quiet (compare to my babybuddha, or any normal electric pump), it’s really easy to assemble, you can’t put it wrong (the valve, the diaphragm only go one way) best for the « on the go » if you want to pump anywhere, the shape makes it super easy to move or do your normal tasks (easier than the legendairy milk cups or the freemies) just use a normal sport bra to stay in place (cholse a size up for more place) it makes my pumping journey so much easier with a baby and a toddler at home ! 🥰 my only complain is for the screen, I prefer the S21, it’s more simple to just look at the screen to know the level, the time,.. so for the price, go with the s21 but that’s a really great product

rio conure
Finally your freedom is back!

If youve ever been a slave to the wired pump then you know how terrible it is! Having to pump so many hours of your days and have those hours be wasted when you could be doing productive things. This changes all of that! You can pump as you go wherever you go even if you just wanna be lounging on the couch! The suction on these is perfect and they have so many modes and suction levels that theres something for everyone. You can pump as you drive, as you shop, as you wash some plates literally wherever! I didnt have any issues with spilling as long as i kept my torso upright.

Nurse PJ
Great gift for anyone planning to breastfeed

As a lactation nurse, I try to set up my lactating moms for success. Breastfeeding is not as easy or natural as people think and in our busy culture, its easy to get discouraged. These wearable breast pumps are game changers! Whether youre a working mom that needs to pump while sitting at the computer or on the phone, or youre a stay at home mom trying to meal prep or wait in the pick-up line for your other kiddos, these allow moms to multitask. This particular set is quiet with good suction as long as one stays upright/doesnt lean over too far. They are super easy to clean and a charge usually lasts for about 3 pumping sessions. They arent too conspicuous, but they are visible out the top of most bras. I highly recommend these for anyone currently or planning to breastfeed!

MomMed for the win! Again!

This is my second MomMed Double Pump, and again I am happily pleased, they definitely deliver! This came right before a work trip where I was leaving my baby for the first time ever over night and it was an absolute God send. I don't know how I lived without wearable hands free pumps with my first son! These are serious life changers, since you're able to go about your work and house chores while the pump is working its magic. With my first son my dinosaur pumps required me to sit there and hold them, what a time suck that was! Back to these pumps, the suction is perfect, and so is the rubbery feel. Assembling and disassembling is a breeze and they're easy to clean. The battery is a pretty good size and lasts me at least 3 pumps, I usually plug it in before i run out of battery. There are 2 modes and 9 levels to choose from which are easy to toggle between on the remote control part. They also come with individual bags for storing each pump. Happily pleased!

Highly, Highly Recommend: Quiet, Efficient, Full Package!

Wow!!First thing noticeable is that it has impressive suck power and efficiency. Its also very quietly. Ive tired three different brands, this one is the most quiet.Secondly, there is remote!! That means I can control without the need to pull the shirt down. This is so handy for working mothers! As Im now using it at home, I dont see it as necessary. The remote is also quite sensitive: touch by accident, it changes the setting.The curved design makes it less obvious when wearing on chest. It just makes me look like I have enlarged boobs.Lastly, inside the box there is extra pairs of parts. These themselves are not cheap! Cleaning brushes, charging cables, and Batteries for the remotes are also included.With this price, I cant believe what I am getting!