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If you travel with a baby because you’re constantly on the go, it doesn’t mean you can’t take healthy snacks with you to feed your child. To be sure, the most effective baby travel tips include what snacks to bring along when you have to go somewhere with your baby and you want to make sure they eat healthy while you’re there. Making sure that your baby eats healthy when you have to go somewhere isn’t a challenge if you follow a few important tips.

Things to Remember

First of all, the foods that you take with you for your baby should be healthy for them. This means no foods that have added sugar or too many preservatives in them. Second, try to bring foods that don’t need refrigeration or won’t be a problem if your child doesn’t eat them right away. Finally, make sure that you put them in containers or reusable bags that you can use over and over again, or something that is disposable once the baby is done with it. Below are some great suggestions for you.

1. Sliced Turkey

Actually, it can be any type of sliced meat, but you should cut it up into small pieces first, and you can add pieces of cheese to go along with the meat. Even though a lot of meats and cheeses are soft, they should still be cut into small pieces so the baby can use them as finger food. It also provides a lot of the protein they need to grow and thrive.

2. Hummus

Okay, this one will require a container with a lid that shuts tightly, but hummus is extremely nutritious and can be eaten with crackers or steamed veggies. It is rich in fiber and perfect when paired with whole-grain crackers, veggies that have been sliced very thin, or even whole-grain pretzels. The latter, of course, is best for older kids or toddlers.

3. Dried Fruit

It was recently announced that raisins are not actually a choking hazard, and their naturally sweet tastes means that babies and toddlers will love them. They are also small enough that you don’t have to cut them into tiny pieces. For even more nutrition, add other dried fruit such as figs, dates, and prunes. As long as you cut them into small pieces, dried fruit works great.

4. Food Pouches

If you’re interested in feeding baby while traveling, you can’t beat these food pouches. They come in tons of different foods, including fruits and veggies, and the best part is that babies can feed themselves with just a squeeze of the package. Even better, you simply throw them away when the baby is done eating because the pouch goes straight into the trash can.

5. Pears and Apples

Both pears and apples can be sliced thin and placed in a reusable bag or container. Kids can pick them up and eat them without fear of choking, as long as you remember to peel them, and their sweet taste means that kids won’t even realize that they’re eating something nutritious! These fruits are also cheap and easy to find, not to mention filled with nutrients.

6. Cheerios

Let’s face it -- what parent of small children doesn't keep Cheerios in their kitchen? Cheerios are healthy, have only a tiny amount of sugar and are an inexpensive cereal to buy. They are also great for kids trying to perfect their pincer grasp. When you’re researching lists of on-the-go feeding tips, Cheerios cereal is almost always on at least one of those lists!

7. Whole-Grain Graham Crackers

There are many different types of graham crackers, but when you compare them to other types of crackers and cookies, you’ll find they have much less sugar than others do. You can put a layer of nut butter on them to make them even tastier, and if you have dairy- or nut-free kids in the home, you can let them eat the crackers without the nut butter.

8. Pancakes or Waffles

If you have leftover waffles or pancakes, break them up into small pieces and place them in a reusable bag. This travel-friendly baby food is healthy, especially if you choose the whole-grain options, and is soft enough for them to eat without choking on the pieces. You don’t even have to cut them; just tear them up with your hands and you’re all done.


On-the-go food for babies isn’t hard to come by, especially since a lot of it includes food you probably already have in your home. Soft foods cut into small pieces are what you want, and these can include Cheerios, dried or fresh fruit, hummus, food pouches, and crackers, but you can come up with other foods on your own if you think about it. Just make sure that they have no added sugar and are easy to fit in a travel container or reusable bag.

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