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Becoming a mom is hard and being a mom of twin babies is harder. It is natural for you to ponder over a lot of things- what to do when both babies cry together, how to understand their signs when to breastfeed them, and whether to breastfeed them together.

While we assure you that all your questions will get answered over time, in this post we will help you gain insight into the best positions for breastfeeding twins to help you a little in your brand-new escapade of motherhood.


Can You Produce Enough Milk For Two Babies?

Motherhood hurls tonnes of questions into your mind. And when you are about to welcome two babies together, needless to say, the curiosity doubles. Before we move on to talk about the breastfeeding positions for twins, let us clear one of the biggest doubts of twin mums of all times- can your breasts produce enough milk for two babies?
Yes, it can. Lactation works on a demand-and-supply basis. It means that the more your babies suck on your breasts, the more milk it produces. It is because it continuously gets the signal that the demand is on. When the frequency of breastfeeding reduces, the lack of demand signals your breasts to gradually reduce the milk supply.

Should You Breastfeed Your Twins Together?

Breastfeeding is a hit-and-trial method. As we say, there is no perfect way. When you are preparing to have twins, it is normal to wonder if you should feed them individually or both at a time.
To this, the best answer is, ‚Äė it depends on your choice‚Äô. Most twin mums choose to nurse twins in tandem to save time. Besides, it is not a mandate that both your babies will have the same sucking abilities.
If you want to nurse them separately, then go ahead. Here are a few positions that you can try out:

Laid-back position

Upright position


Cross-cradle hold

Football hold

Side-lying position

If you want to try breastfeeding them simultaneously, then there is no reason why you should step back from giving it a try. Given below are some of the most preferred breastfeeding positions for twins. Go through them, try them out, and see what works for you.


Positions For Breastfeeding Twins

1. Double Football Hold

This is undoubtedly one of the best positions for breastfeeding twins. If you are already familiar with the football hold position for singletons, then the double football hold is exactly the same on both sides. However, if you have no clue about what a football or rugby hold is or how you should adjust your tiny twins for tandem nursing, here is the thing for you.
Place each baby on each side in such a way that their heads remain in front of your breasts, on pillows. Their bodies and legs should be tucked under your arms. Your hands should support their wobbly heads, while your forearm should support the rest of their body.
In addition to being a very suitable position for nursing twins, the double football hold is comfortable for mothers who have had a c-section. Since most parts of the baby stay away from you, the incision site remains out of danger during breastfeeding.

2. Double Cradle Hold

Another great way of nursing twins simultaneously is the double cradle hold. As the name suggests, a cradle hold requires a mother to place the baby in the crook of her hand, just like you would normally cradle a baby. But in a double cradle hold, there are slight variations to make enough room for both babies and ensure that they are put to the breast with equal comfort.
In this position for breastfeeding twins, you have to cradle both babies on two different sides. The body of one baby should lie across your chest, while the body of the second baby should lie over the first baby in a crisscross manner.
Since a major portion of the second baby's body stays away from you, you need to provide a little more support to them. In addition, you need to see how the first baby who is sandwiched between you and the other twin responds to the positioning.
Switch positions for babies to see where each one is more comfortable. Getting into this posture for breastfeeding twins will take some time. Besides, do not shy away from seeking the help of your partner or other family members to hold the babies.
You might think about what to do if the first baby kicks the second one and distracts them from feeding. The simple solution is to swaddle them and give them hassle-free nursing time.

3. Cradle Clutch Hold

Combing two different positions can often allow you and your babies amazing flexibility to explore space and fit into a posture that serves you all well. One such combination position highly practiced for breastfeeding twins is the cradle clutch hold.
Before we go further, let us reveal that the clutch hold is nothing but another name for the football hold. So, yes, it is the football hold and cradle hold that come together to form this position, enabling you to nurse twins in tandem.
Hold one baby in the rugby hold, with their head in front of your breast and their body under your arm. The other baby should be cradled on the other side. Initially, your babies will require a lot of support to stay in the required position but as time elapses, they will gain more control over their bodies and adjust on their own to find a fit most suitable to them.

4. Reclined Position With Babies Upright

Another way to nurse twins in tandem and feel well-rested is to recline and have your babies lay on you. You can prop up against your headboard or a stack of pillows. Put your babies on your body, each on one side of your breast.
Their nose should touch your nipple for them to be able to latch easily. For newborns, you have to cradle them throughout the feeding session as they lack neck control. But for older babies, minimal support, combined with the effect of gravity is enough to keep them in place.


This was a short list of the most popular positions for breastfeeding twins. Do not expect to master the art of breastfeeding in a day. Explore different positions with your babies, take help from your family members, and consult a lactation expert for the best guidance. For more amazing tips on breastfeeding twins, click here. Stay informed and stay calm. Happy breastfeeding!

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