MomMed Silicone Baby Teether Toys

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Mommed Baby Feeding Essentials Set

1.Baby teether *2

2.Baby feeder *1

3.Baby spoon *2

4.Fresh feeder *1



Chew, Giggle, Grow: Baby’s Favorite Teething Buddy!

Cute Animals for Baby's Delight!

Adorable Designs for Every Stage

Elephants, rabbits, koalas, and cows – our teether brings a zoo of joy. Perfectly sized for little hands, these adorable animal buddies not only spark your baby's curiosity but also become their absolute favorites.

Bye-Bye teething Troubles

Just Jelly-like Comfort!

Meet our Baby Teether, the ultimate teething buddy. It's got this awesome jelly-like softness that kicks discomfort to the curb during those teething times. Plus, the food-grade silicone is a gentle comfort, taking care of those delicate gums and safeguarding oral health.

Perfect Size for Easy Grasping

Boosting Motor Skills

Our teether is designed with the perfect size, making it a breeze for those little hands to grab. It's not just a teether; it's a fun workout for developing your baby's grip strength.

Health-grade Silicone Safe for Teething

Silicone Safety Dance

Your baby's safety is our top priority. That's why we've chosen food-grade silicone – safe, reliable, and nothing to worry about.

Dishwasher, Sterilizer, or Boil Away!

Easy-Clean Magic

For busy parents, cleaning up is a piece of cake with our teether. Toss it in the dishwasher, throw it in the sterilizer, or let it chill in boiling water – easy peasy, stress-free, and no mess. Your baby's joy starts with a clean teether.

Comfort for Your Cutie!

Bite Playfully

In the early teething days, babies love to nibble on everything, causing discomfort and potential oral issues. That's where our teether comes in – it's a comforting buddy for teething unease and a guard against unwanted bacteria entering your baby's mouth.


Mommed, founded by a visionary mother and entrepreneur, reverently cherishes the sacredness of motherhood. We recognize that mothers play multifaceted roles that extend far beyond parenting. Our mission is to champion maternal rights and empower every family. Our vision is to enable mothers to explore their authentic selves on their individual journeys.

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