Baby Spoon Bottle Feeder

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MomMed Baby Bottle Feeder

No mess, no harder. Feeding your baby has never been easier!
Say goodbye to messy feeding battles!

One-Handed Feeding Made Simple

Our Baby Spoon Bottle Feeder is a bowl and spoon in one, making it easy for moms to feed babies without worrying about food spills everywhere.

2mm Outlet with Filter Guard

Safe and Controlled Feeding

Our precisely designed 2mm food outlet, coupled with a filter guard, ensures controlled and safe feeding with each squeeze. No more choking concerns, just happy, stress-free meals.

Accurate 100ml Scale for Precise Feeding

One Bottle One Meal

With a clear 100ml scale, you can easily measure and control the amount you feed your baby. Say hello to precise and worry-free feeding every time.

Portable and Mess-Free

On-the-Go Feeding

Now, feeding your baby on the go is a breeze. The flat-head cap not only keeps the bottle upright but also protects it from dust, ensuring a clean and convenient dining experience anywhere.

Disassemble, and High-Temperature Safe

Easy to Clean

Cleaning is a snap! All components are detachable and can withstand high-temperature cleaning. Enjoy hassle-free maintenance for a hygienic and safe feeding experience.

No more feeding obstacles

Enjoy Muti-flavored Meals

Our spoond feeder caters to various needs from 0 months: water, milk, medicine, and infant cereals. Safe, convenient, and mess-free for hassle-free feeding.


Mommed, founded by a visionary mother and entrepreneur, reverently cherishes the sacredness of motherhood. We recognize that mothers play multifaceted roles that extend far beyond parenting. Our mission is to champion maternal rights and empower every family. Our vision is to enable mothers to explore their authentic selves on their individual journeys.

Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews
Great quality and easy to use babies like it

I loved it my baby gets a little less messy he still does but less and they can get to eat while you are doing things too which it was great.

Worth it

My daughter likes this and it works great

Anthony sisneros
Very convenient and easy to use

This is such a great idea for little ones just starting solids! It’s so convenient and easy to use. It’s also great to have when taking places as it requires less dishes and mess!

Convenient and not expensive

The spoon is very convenient to feed baby. Easy to clean and I don’t need wash extra dishes or bowl. Save my time! My baby like to play food pacifiers. He used it as teething as same time he drink a little juice. Very interesting.

Safe product

I like that it’s soft so it won’t hurt my baby when she tries too hard to get the food out on her impatient moments. Lol