MomMed Maternity Belly Band

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Why MomMed Belly Band

Supportive as Gentle Hands, Best Belly Support

The Ultimate Pregnancy Savior

Our belly band acts like a pair of gentle hands cradling your belly, providing not only Pain Relief but also essential Maternity Support. A must-have during pregnancy, bid farewell to the worries of aching bellies.

3D Embrace Design, 45° Precision Lift

Professionally Crafted Comfort

The 3D embrace offers a precise 45° lift angle, effortlessly transferring your belly's weight to your back and hips, alleviating lower back and pelvic pressure. It's not just about late pregnancy comfort; it also contributes to postpartum recovery, eliminating back pain.

Invisible Wear, Stylish Freedom

Playful Comfort for Every Move

This belly band isn't just a stay-put accessory; it's light and snug, maintaining your belly's shape even during active moments. Weighing only 200g, it's the ideal companion for unrestricted movement in late pregnancy and postpartum.

Effortless Wear, Tailored Comfort

Simple Style at Your Fingertips

Easy on, easy off – this belly band is a breeze to wear. Adjusting is a piece of cake, with a broad size range catering to various body shapes. No matter how your body changes, finding comfort is effortless.

Sturdy Support, No Matter What

Rock-Solid Grip

Successfully enduring a 30kg gravity test, this belly band ensures unwavering support. In the later stages of pregnancy, when you need to move more, the MomMed Belly Band is your reliable companion for carefree outings

Breathable, Lightweight, All-Day Freshness

Stay Fresh All Day Long

Made from breathable material, this belly band promises all-day freshness, erasing worries of sweating. No itching or skin irritation – it's the secret weapon for breezing through your entire pregnancy journey.

Breathe Easy, Move Freely: MomMed Belly Band - Your Stylish Pregnancy Support

Customer Reviews

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Happy Wife

My Wife felt the difference immediately, and her support for our baby helped the pressure down towards her bladder. Lower back was in comfort.

scharron z
Awesome product

This item saved my back this pregnancy! Definitely worth the investment!

Best thing I got in a while!!! Much needed

I loved this! It helped me so much at the ending of my pregnancy. It helped me by relieving pressure on my lower back, which cost for an easy-going day. Highly recommend.

Very helpful

I like that it really helped with my back pain when I was working, however after a while the little one would kick alot signaling me to take it off asap lol.

Best product

Love the product