Pregnancy Test Strips-HCG 20/25/30/55

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Track your most fertile days with confidence with MomMed Ovulation Test Strips.

These HCG 20/25/30/55 strips offer reliable results, accurate tracking, and the highest sensitivity to help you predict the best time to conceive, with the number of urine cup. 

Plus, the fast and easy to use design makes testing at home safe and convenient. Discover your most fertile days with MomMed!


The best time to use an HCG test

Wait 1-2 weeks after a missed period for the most accurate results when taking a home pregnancy test.

HCG levels take time to rise, making it harder to detect the hormone if tested too early. Blood tests can detect pregnancy after 10 days, while urine tests take 2 or more weeks. Although some tests provide early results, accuracy is usually better after the first missed period.

Benefit of Using Medical Testing

  • Convenient and easy to use, especially for patients who are able to provide a sample on their own.
  • Hygienic and designed to be sterile, reducing the risk of contamination and the spread of infection.
  • More accurate testing results, as urine cups are designed to collect a specific amount of urine.
  • Cost-effective compared to other methods of urine collection.
  • Non-invasive and less uncomfortable for patients compared to other methods such as catheterization.

Experience your path to parenthood with MomMed test strips.

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signs of early pregnancy

Reality defeated me. I used to think being a mother would be easy, but it wasn't.

false positive pregnancy test

Thanks to the encouragement from a friend, I came to the realization that giving up was not an option if I wanted to fulfill my dream of becoming a mother.

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Customer Reviews

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Kayla Baxter
Definitely work & worth the money

After taking several negative tests, a few months later I got a positive!! Wasn’t sure if it was accurate so used 5-6 of these tests and they were all positive. These are much easier and more affordable then going somewhere to buy a digital or more expensive one, answers accurate for sure! They also showed as positive when I was only 4wks pregnant so they can easily detect it!

Accurate from My Experience

I have an irregular cycle, so sometimes I get a little paranoid. I love that these come with their own cups. That was my favorite thing about these tests. I always had clear negative results until I actually became pregnant. The lines were always vivid for each test, even when I finally got a positive result. I never had to question the result when taking any of these tests. They are just like the strips used in medical facilities.

Amazing Price

These test strips are just as good as any other name brand tests. I prefer these over the pregnancy test sticks because the strips are much more easier to read. They come with disposable cups which is awesome! I’m a frequent tester (just to be on the safe side) and these are great! Highly recommend!

Claudia Pliego

If you’re wondering if these work, they do! I received 2 faint positives two days before my missed period. However, I’ve seen other reviews that these do not detect before missed period so, that still may be the case because my periods are irregular. I used FMU then took a First Response to confirm my results. I’ve taken these tests months prior and they were accurate when giving me negative results. These are easy to use, accurate, worth the price, and the cups that they come with are very convenient! I do agree with others that these tests aren’t great for checking line progression. I’ve reached the darkest line on the last strip as shown. Hope this helps!

Great for the price!

Hopefully the picture uploads clear or you wont be able to see the second line.Honestly i was worried these wouldnt work good considering they were cheap but i got a very faint positive around 2 weeks pregnant so they definitely work lol. This was a little over a year ago but im just reviewing now because i came back to buy more. Around 2 or 3 days after this test the lines started coming up alot darker and was a very obvious positive. If youre testing often save your money and get a pack of these!