Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Strips Combo Kit 25+100

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MomMed's Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Strips Combo Kit is an easy and reliable way to track your progress.

It includes 25 ovulation test strips, 100 pregnancy test strips, and 125 urine cups, providing an accurate and hygienic solution for customers. Test with confidence and track your progress with convenience.

Not sure how to do it?

DO test between 10am and 8pm. DON’T use first morning urine.

DON’T miss your LH surge. Do test twice a day.

Unlike pregnancy tests, which require first morning urine, ovulation tests are
most effective when used in the afternoon or evening when luteinizing
hormone (LH) levels are typically highest.

The best time to use an HCG test

Wait 1-2 weeks after a missed period for the most accurate results when taking a home pregnancy test.

HCG levels take time to rise, making it harder to detect the hormone if tested too early. Blood tests can detect pregnancy after 10 days, while urine tests take 2 or more weeks. Although some tests provide early results, accuracy is usually better after the first missed period.

Benefit of Using Medical Testing

  • Convenient and easy to use, especially for patients who are able to provide a sample on their own.
  • Hygienic and designed to be sterile, reducing the risk of contamination and the spread of infection.
  • More accurate testing results, as urine cups are designed to collect a specific amount of urine.
  • Cost-effective compared to other methods of urine collection.
  • Non-invasive and less uncomfortable for patients compared to other methods such as catheterization.

Experience your path to parenthood with MomMed test strips.

signs of early pregnancy

I struggled with stress, anxiety, and depression, feeling like my life was over.

signs of early pregnancy

Reality defeated me. I used to think being a mother would be easy, but it wasn't.

false positive pregnancy test

Thanks to the encouragement from a friend, I came to the realization that giving up was not an option if I wanted to fulfill my dream of becoming a mother.

first 72 hours of pregnancy symptoms

Always be positive in life. MomMed will be with you every step of the way to and during motherhood.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1860 reviews
Amanda F.
Ovulation tests work well, would go with a different preg test if you’re an anxious tester

So, the ovulation tests worked pretty well - you definitely have to wait a while though. It says 5 minutes but in my experience it was more like ten for a result. But we conceived within 3 months of trying once we started using these so no complaints on that end :) The pregnancy tests worked well for early detection - I tested at 12 DPO and saw a VFL (first pic) then the next morning there was definitely a line! However, i became anxious because I was testing daily and didn’t notice the second line getting darker. Finally today at 18DPO i got a dollar store test and that baby was DARK within a minute! So, I’m feeling a lot better now and I’m assuming the dye just isn’t as strong on the mommed strips or something.


Imballaggio perfetto, spedizione veloce.

Madeleine Bogdan
Ovulation tests are great; pregnancy tests work but are only okay

After a year and a half of trying with pcos, it only took 2 months with these ovulation tests to get a positive! So thankful for these! The pregnancy tests don’t get very dark even when you are obviously positive with other tests. Also love that they come with the cups

Mary C
If you’re wanting some help with cycle tracking/conceiving, these are for you!

This set is fantastic! It has everything you need for your cycle tracking, NFP, conceiving needs. It also comes with disposable urine cups, which is so great to have! Highly recommend