Dreaming About Positive Pre...


Being a woman can be stressful, especially when anything related to your monthly cycle moves an inch, which is normal but still nerve-wracking. Have you ever obsessed over a dream you had where your pregnancy test was positive and it felt real? If so, you are not alone in this!

A pregnancy dream can be anything from getting a positive pregnancy test to giving birth to a baby. It is an anxious dream that leaves you rattled and ultimately there is one question that makes you anxious above everything else. “Am I really pregnant or what?”

Dreaming About Positive Pregnancy Test
Why Do We Have Such Vivid Dreams?

Before we get into a detailed interpretation of what your pregnancy dream might mean, let’s understand the basics of why some dreams feel so real. Humans spend one-third of their lives sleeping. It amounts to millions and millions of dreams but all these dreams are neither remembered by us when we wake up nor feel real.

For a dream to be memorable, you must wake up from your REM cycle and stay up for a few minutes so that the brain can recall and store the dream. These dreams are vivid and memorable.

What Causes an Anxiety Dream like Pregnancy Test Dreams?

The mechanism of an anxiety dream is a bit more complex. While you are sleeping and dreaming in the REM cycle, the portion of the brain that processes your emotions (amygdala) and the portion which stores your memories (hippocampus) are active. These portions coordinate with each other to create the dreams that you see.

On the other hand, the portion of our brain that helps us in understanding the world around us (the prefrontal cortex) is inactive. As a result, our brain does a bad job of piecing together the information in dreams. It explains why we end up having bizarre dreams like pregnancy test dreams that might not always make sense.

What Does That Conclude?

It means that although our dreams are the reflections of ourselves and the world around us, a pregnancy dream does not always mean that you are pregnant.

A pregnancy test dream can be interpreted in several ways like any other vivid and anxious dream. Many psychologists and neurologists have tried to unravel the world of dreams but nothing is certain and the mystery continues.

How To Interpret Your Pregnancy Test Positive Dream?

Talking about dreaming and not mentioning Sigmund Freud is impossible. He was the first person to draw a parallel between dreams and the subconsciousness of a person. In other words, dreams are linked to a person's desires, thoughts, and physical changes. The same is true for anxiety dreams.

So, several interpretations can be drawn for your recent pregnancy test dreams. But keep in mind, when it comes to dreams, scientific research is lagging. It is mostly theories that support various ideas but the actual facts are obscure and almost non-existent.

It is good to keep an open mind while deciphering the meaning of your dreams but do not get too involved with what a dream might mean. Let’s dive into theories behind pregnancy test dreams.

Dreaming About Positive Pregnancy Test
You May Be Pregnant:

One theory behind pregnancy test dreams is that either you are subconsciously anxious about being pregnant or you are actually pregnant and the body is manifesting this physical change via dreaming. If the dream gives you too much anxiety, take a home pregnancy test to calm yourself down.

Processing Underlying Emotions:

Anxiety dreams are a way for the body to process underlying stress and emotions that do not get a way out in everyday life. These emotions are channelized through dreams that might make us anxious like a positive pregnancy test dream. Most oft, it is nothing to be worried about, just your mind processing some residual emotions.


Some pregnancy test dreams also revolve around being pregnant with twins. According to the expert dream analyst, Louri Loewenberg, it is just your body trying to explore the two sides of your personality subconsciously i-e you and your shadow self. The Shadow self is the part of our personality, thoughts, and actions that are difficult for us to openly accept in ourselves.

Creation of Something New:

As pregnancy is a creation of a new human being, it can manifest in dreams to get you emotionally ready for any new creation that might be happening in your life at the time. The dream helps you process the underlying emotions related to that new event that is altering your life currently.
Pregnancy Dream When You Are Pregnant in Real Life
The pregnancy dreams when you are pregnant in real life have biological reasoning. While you are pregnant, the concentration of progesterone in your body increases to maintain the placenta. Progesterone has an enhancing effect on the brain which causes vivid dreams.

Pregnancy dreams during your term are the indication of changes occurring in your body as a result of the trimester you are going through and the general fear and anxiety related to pregnancy.

On the other hand, if you have recently lost a pregnancy, pregnancy test-positive dreams are a way for your body to process that grief and disappointment. The grief arises in unexpected ways and the world of dreaming is a mystery.

Dreaming About Positive Pregnancy Test

Take Away

While a pregnancy test-positive dream can be interpreted in many ways but there is no “one size fits all” in this scenario. Everybody has their own experiences, emotions, thoughts, personalities, and griefs to process.

In some cases, a positive pregnancy test might mean something but it is very rare, with almost zero chances. Mostly, anxiety dreams like pregnancy test positive dreams, giving birth to twins, and morning sickness dreams are just that - DREAMS. It is just our body’s build in mechanism to process underlying emotions. Do not dwell too much on dreams and live in reality!

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