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As the year concludes, MomMed, a renowned brand dedicated to maternal and infant well-being, is embracing the holiday spirit by declaring December the Christmas Activity Month. This initiative is an earnest expression of gratitude to the mothers who consistently support the brand, aiming to provide the best products and services as a Christmas gift for hardworking moms and their families.


Festive Promotion for a Joyful Season


In celebration of the holiday spirit, MomMed is thrilled to unveil a month-long festive promotion from December 1st to 31st.


MomMed's Christmas Activity Month: Spreading Festive Magic to Moms Worldwide


During this period, using the discount code "HAPPYXMAS," the brand's best-selling products will be available at a 20% discount. Featured items include:


  • Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Kit
  • Baby Scale
  • Bottle Warmer
  • S21 Breast Pump
  • S10 Pro Breast Pump
  • S18 Breast Pump
  • Milk Storage Bags
  • And more


MomMed's Christmas promotion covers its entire range of breast pump models, each designed to address specific requirements. The S21 Breast Pump, recognized for its compact design, comfort, and low noise, has received four industry awards and gained user popularity. The S10 Pro Breast Pump, offering an affordable price, ample capacity, extended battery life, and robust output, caters to both first-time breastfeeding mothers and those with higher breastfeeding demands. For experienced mothers seeking customization, the S18 Breast Pump, equipped with a manual remote control, allows personalized suction settings.


Additionally, MomMed's Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Kit will be featured in this promotion. As one of the brand's longstanding products, ovulation and pregnancy test strips have consistently garnered positive feedback from users. The inclusion of the combo pack in the promotion aims to offer product options for women at various stages and assist expectant mothers during this significant phase of life.


Recognized Excellence in the Industry


MomMed's commitment to excellence has garnered recognition from industry media and prestigious awards. As the year concludes, MomMed's S21 and S10 Pro Breast Pumps have earned acclaim from prominent maternal and infant-focused media outlets, including DailyMom, which featured them in the "Best Baby Products and New Parent Essentials." The S21 Breast Pump, a previous recipient of awards like NAPPA, Moms Choice, Parents' Picks, and Family Choice, has once again secured a spot in the NAPPA Awards Bundle Gift Guide 2023.


A Token of Appreciation


The Christmas Activity Month goes beyond promotions; it's a way for MomMed to express gratitude to the mothers who have made their journey memorable. By offering discounts on their flagship products, MomMed aims to illuminate the holiday season for families and provide essential tools for maternal and infant well-being.


"This Christmas, we extend our gratitude by offering exclusive discounts on our best sellers‚ÄĒproducts crafted with utmost care to meet the unique needs of mothers and infants," expressed Alex, the CEO of MomMed. "I want to take a moment to express our deepest appreciation to the remarkable mothers who have chosen MomMed as their trusted partner in the incredible journey of motherhood. Your trust and loyalty have been the driving force behind our commitment to excellence."


About MomMed:


MomMed is a compassionate brand catering to baby and maternity needs, recognized for our test strips, wearable breast pumps, and baby scales. Whether you're a new or seasoned mom, we comprehend the journey of motherhood and offer the assistance you deserve during this remarkable phase.


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