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MomMed, a renowned leader in maternal and child care solutions, proudly announces its receipt of the 2023 Family Choice Award for its innovative product, the MomMed Bottle Warmer. Launched in August 2023, this versatile and swift-heating device is engineered to assist mothers in preserving the pristine nutritional quality of breast milk.


This award holds profound significance for MomMed, reaffirming their commitment to creating products that genuinely benefit families. It underscores their unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation in maternal and child care.


About the Family Choice Awards:


Celebrating its 28th year, the Family Choice Awards program stands as a hallmark of excellence in family-oriented products. Recognized as one of the nation's most prestigious consumer award programs for family-friendly products, it holds the distinction of being a trusted resource for families nationwide.


Elevating the significance of this recognition, the esteemed panel of judges behind the Family Choice Awards comprises mothers who, in their unanimous endorsement, have expressed profound admiration and unwavering support for the MomMed Bottle Warmer.


MomMed views this award as both a recognition of their efforts and a responsibility to continue innovating, surpassing parental expectations. They are inspired to continually enhance their offerings to enrich families' lives as they embark on the journey of parenthood.


The Distinct Advantages of the MomMed Bottle Warmer:


Nutrient Preservation:

 MomMed's gentle water bath technique safeguards breast milk's purity and nutrients, promoting robust infant development while minimizing bacterial growth for easy cleaning and prolonged product life.


Safety and Hygiene Priority:

The MomMed Bottle Warmer's automatic draining feature efficiently directs excess water to a reservoir, reducing the risk of overheating and bacterial buildup. This design ensures effortless maintenance and extends the product's lifespan.


Unmatched User Convenience: 

Say goodbye to temperature guesswork. MomMed's precise settings accommodate diverse milk conditions, bottle materials, and volumes, ensuring the ideal temperature for seamless digestion and enjoyable feeding experiences.


Effortless Night Feeds: 

The 24-hour constant temperature mode simplifies nocturnal feedings. Activate "Keep" mode for milk prepared at the perfect temperature, catering to your baby's needs, even during late-night hours.


MomMed's Robust Product Portfolio, Empowering Women and Families:


As a maternal and baby care brand committed to empowering women and families, MomMed has expanded from its initial offerings of preconception products to a comprehensive line of solutions encompassing pregnancy, lactation, and now, family caregiving.


The introduction of the bottle warmer represents the brand’s strategic expansion into the realm of family-centered care. MomMed's mission is to continually diversify and enhance its product portfolio to provide top-tier products and services to women and families. This commitment spans the entire trajectory from preconception to parenthood.


Receiving the 2023 Family Choice Award is an honor for MomMed, and they share this achievement with their valued customers and partners. Together, they endeavor to make parenting experiences safer, healthier, and more enjoyable.

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