Introducing MomMed S10 Pro:...

MomMed, a leader in maternal and infant products, introduces the S10 Pro Breast Pump. This advanced breast pump maintains MomMed's tradition of compactness, efficiency, and quiet operation while enhancing capacity and battery life, making it an excellent choice for mothers with high pumping demands.


The S10 Pro Breast Pump offers efficient milk expression with three modes and nine levels for personalized use, featuring strong suction, an upgraded chipset algorithm, and a comfortable 105-degree tilted flange for effective milk extraction.


MomMed S10 Pro Breast Pump

It also boasts an extended battery life of up to 180 minutes, ideal for a full day's use, and includes a 30-minute auto-shutdown feature for power conservation and safety. With a large capacity of over 8oz, it caters to mothers with high pumping needs.


In terms of practicality, the S10 Pro maintains discretion with a noise level below 45dB and a lightweight 230g design, complemented by a double-edge flange that prevents leaks, perfect for on-the-go moms.


Users have praised the product, noting, "This breast pump is compact, portable, and includes various accessories, making it an outstanding value!" Another user commented, "Setting it to level 9 felt like it provided strong and sustained suction, replicating a baby's long, nourishing feeds at the breast. It even seemed to extract the nutritious hind milk."


Alex, MomMed's founder, believes in empowering mothers and enhancing the breastfeeding  journey. She expressed, "At MomMed, we offer multiple breast pump solutions to meet modern mothers' needs and enhance the breastfeeding experience."


MomMed's S21 breast pump, introduced in late 2022, was praised for its compact design, quietness, and comfort. The new S10 Pro Breast Pump expands MomMed's product line with its large capacity and extended battery life. From preconception care products to a comprehensive range spanning lactation and family care, MomMed supports women through every stage.


MomMed S10 Pro and other maternal and infant care products are now available on the brand's website and Amazon.

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