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Baby Humming While Breastfeeding - Is it Normal? MD- Baby humming while breastfeeding is a common behavior in newborns. In this article, we explore the possible reasons why babies hum while nursing and provide insights into what it means.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience for both mother and child, but is your baby humming while breastfeeding a normal experience? It is understandable for moms to experience stress and anxiety about their newborn’s well-being, especially if it's your first time.

But never fear, as this article guides you through the baby humming during breastfeeding phenomenon, letting you know all you need to know about it and what you can do.

 Baby Humming While Breastfeeding - Is it Normal? | MomMed

Why Do Babies Hum While Breastfeeding

Parents! Don't be scared if your baby makes humming noise while breastfeeding. Babies humming during breastfeeding is actually a very common thing. These are the most likely reasons for your baby's humming.


1. Self-soothing

Humming can be a coping mechanism for tired babies. Nursing can be a very soothing and pleasing experience for babies, and they might moan or hum to self-soothe. Thus, it is a way for your newborn to relax themselves or drift off to sleep on their own.
Your baby humming while breastfeeding could also mean that your infant might be teething. Your baby making humming noises helps them cope with pain or discomfort. Many moms will notice their baby having a new tooth shortly after they've noticed their child's humming habit.

 2. Contentment

Sometimes, your baby makes humming noises while breastfeeding simply because they love the taste of their mother's milk. Babies may make sounds of pleasure and contentment, like humming while suckling on sweet and delicious milk. This expression of pleasure is completely normal and will only increase the bond between a mother and her child.


The Science Of Humming

The act of babies humming while breastfeeding is an intriguing thing to notice. It can be attributed to many factors, and of course, these factors vary from baby to baby. As noted above, the rhythmic hum of a child during nursing can be a way for them to express contentment and satisfaction. This typically occurs if the baby is calm and relaxed and is not different from how an adult hums when they are content.
A baby is able to hum while nursing due to their ability to create vibrations through their vocal cords. When nursing, the baby's mouth and lips, and lips come into contact with the mother's breast, and the vibrations produced while sucking and swallowing can lead to humming noises.


Medical Considerations For Babies Humming While Breastfeeding

In most cases, babies humming while breastfeeding is entirely normal and is not really a cause for concern. But it is important to be vigilant, especially when it comes to the health of your newborn child. Suppose humming is accompanied by other signs of discomfort or distress. In that case, it is best to consult a physician or healthcare professional. If your baby doesn't hum or grunt normally and starts doing so out of the blue, it may be because of trapped mucus or gastroesophageal reflux(GER), according to MedicalNEwsToday. Proper medical attention is necessary if signs of illnesses, feeding difficulties, or exceesive humming persist.


Will Babies Humming While Breastfeeding Affect The Bonding Experience?

The act of breastfeeding is not only about nourishment. It is also a powerful bonding experience between a mother and her newborn. When a baby makes a humming noise while breastfeeding, it does not negatively affect this sacred relationship. The sound of her baby humming can comfort and reassure some mothers, stimulating the maternal role. Thus, it can enhance the maternal experience for many mothers.

As long as your nursing child is feeding well, gaining weight and appearing satisfied, your baby humming while breastfeeding should not be a cause for concern. Rather, it can be a unique and heartwarming aspect of the breastfeeding relationship that you will fondly look back on.


Soothing Techniques For Humming

If your baby humming during breastfeeding is uncomfortable for either the mother or the baby, dont worry! There are several techniques that can be used to help soothe or minimize the humming.


1. Adjust position

Adjusting the baby's position during breastfeeding can help reduce the vibrations that cause humming. Try experimenting with different nursing positions to find the most comfortable and effective one for you and your child.

2. Use a binky or pacifier

Offer a binky or pacifier to your child to suckle on. This is an alternative way for them to soothe themselves and reduce humming.

3. Burping

Sometimes, babies make humming noises while breastfeeding if they've been swallowing air as well. Pat your child's back and burp your baby during and after feeding to minimize air intake.
If the humming persists and you become increasingly worried for your baby's health, consider seeking guidance from a lactation consultant. They can offer expert advice and techniques to improve the breastfeeding experience.


Common Misconceptions

Like many aspects of pregnancy, there are many myths and misconceptions about babies making humming noises when breastfeeding. These are a few you should look out for.


1. Humming means the baby is not feeding properly.

This is a myth that should be promptly debunked. Many babies hm while breastfeeding, and it is most likely a sign of contentment and satisfaction. If your baby does feel that they're not being fed properly, it will likely cry to let you know.

 2. It's a sign of a medical issue.

While some instances of humming can be linked to health issues like tummy aches, it's often just harmless behaviour. As long as you notice your baby gaining weight and looking healthy, you should have great stress or anxiety about humming.



While humming might not be done by all newborn babies, it is not usually a cause for concern. Rather, it should be embraced as a beautiful part of your breastfeeding experience. But it is always good to understand the science behind this behaviour and be aware of the potential medical concerns of this habit for your newborn. Ultimately, babies humming while breastfeeding can be a special and endearing aspect of the mother-child bonding experience.

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