MomMed Single Portable Breast Pump - S21 Blissful Green

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Key Features
  • Capacity of 6.08 oz/180 ml, suitable for use with MomMed S18/S21 wearable breast pump.
  • Made of food-grade silicone and BPA-free for safe and odorless use.
  • Easy to install and clean by washing with warm soapy water and rinsing well.
  • Replacement kit improves pumping efficiency and includes breast pump milk collector cup.
  • Recommended to replace breast pump parts every 3 months for optimal suction and efficiency.
  • Designed specifically for moms by MomMed.
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The MomMed Single Portable Breast Pump - S21 is the perfect choice for busy moms. Its double-wearable design and low noise make it incredibly convenient to use anywhere, anytime.

With its 12 adjustable levels, 3 pumping modes and LCD display, it features superior suction power for efficient and large capacity milk production. Enjoy a comfortable, hands-free pumping experience with the MomMed.

Our all-in-one size saves moms even more time, making it possible to pump anytime and anywhere. Trust MomMed to give you and your baby the comfort and love you deserve.

Thoughtfully Designed

Our breast pump offers a hands-free and discreet design that allows you to pump while multitasking and moving around.

The comfortable fit is perfect for wearing under clothes and adjustable suction levels provide customized pumping. Plus, it's rechargeable and has a quiet motor for easy use on-the-go.

Breast issues?

Wearable breast pumps activate milk ducts, collect and empty breasts efficiently to increase milk supply, and save time for mothers. They also alleviate breast issues like blocked milk ducts, making breastfeeding comfortable and effortless.

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What to look for in a breast pump?

MomMed breast pump is designed to be lightweight and comfortable,
with a compact and portable design that makes it easy to use on-the-go.
The soft and flexible breast cups provide a natural fit and minimize
discomfort, making pumping a more pleasant experience.

this breast pump offers a convenient and efficient way to express milk,
perfect for busy nursing mothers who want a comfortable and easy-to-use

Preparing to Pump

When preparing for breastfeeding, you may also be considering how to use a breast pump properly.

Note: It is essential to understand how to clean and disinfect the breast pump correctly to ensure safety and hygiene.

6 Steps! Get the MomMed pump READY!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Samantha Wilkinson
Cheap and works great!

I originally had a momcozy, but it stopped working. I needed a cheap alternative and this was it. My expectations were low, but extremely disproven. Easy to clean. Easy to use. Discrete. Not super loud. Natural looking so I can pump in public. I often pump on my way home from work. Holds a decent charge. Full charge gets me about 3-4 pumps. The suction is plenty, doesn't compare to an electric pump suction, but does well at emptying me out. Would buy again and definitely would recommend


I love this thing. On the go it helps so much. The only thing is that you need to tighten your bra straps to really hold it in place. Feel like the fault is the bra really. Also can't seem to find flange inserts for smaller nipples. Need 17mm but they don't seem to fit in this without the set of inserts it comes with but then the suction doesn't work. Overall though a lifesaver for road trips.


Much more comfortable without a bulky motor on top like the momcozy pumps. This is one of my favorite pumps (out of 6) it pours super easy without any leaks, minimal parts, easy to understand settings. I dont like that it only goes for 20minutes but I do like that theres a. Automatic setting that transitions for you instead of you having to watch for a let down to change manually to expression mode. I feel like this is a powerful pump without the pain I feel from my momcozy or other pumps. I forget I have them on if it wasnt for the sound of the motor. Comes with replacement parts, milk storage bags, cleaning brush, and velvet storage bag. And a warranty!

Celine Lizana
Awesome little pump!

Some reference info to start: I am on a breastfeeding journey with my first baby. 5 months in and this is my third pump; I have a double electric (spectra s1) and a manual (medela). I pump 3-4 times a day during the work week so a good pump is a must!Overall, I think this pump is great! For the value, I think its perfect. It doesnt have the best suction Ive tried, but I would say its pretty comparable to my electric pump. However, there are tons of settings (36 to be exact!!) and I may just need to use it a bit more to maximize my output.The pump is comfortable and simple to use and understand. The flange size is 27mm, but it comes with an insert to make the flange 24mm. The insert gets the job done, and when its inserted correctly you cant even tell its there. The hardest part for me when using the pump was taking the milk out in the end. This was user error, as the instructions clearly say how to accomplish this. Other than that, the structure and functions of the pump are flawless! My favorite thing about the pump were the extras it came with. Ive included pictures of the extras. I have not use the brush or extra parts yet. The instructions are very thorough; I think theres some great info for those just starting on their pump journey such as a breastfeeding guide. There is also a nursing bra strap extension which unfortunately didnt work for me. I found it was fine sitting in the bra cup like that, or you can secure it by loosening up your regular bra strap. The only con of this product I can think of is the possible scarcity of finding replacement parts.In conclusion, this really is a great product. For the price point I am really impressed and may actually consider buying a second one!

Perfect for a new mom!!

This is not my first rodeo breastfeeding , so I knew what I was getting myself into. But I am so happy I found this little gem and wish I had it sooner!!! MomMed pump comes with a cute little intro booklet for breastfeeding with tips and tricks. It is so thoughtful and well written I wish I had one when I was learning how to breastfeed with my first! The rest of the kit includes a little travel bag, charging cable, a brush and of course the pump. The pump herself has three settings, and can show you the level/suction power, timer and battery life. Its battery is good for about 2 sessions, I feel like the 3rd session it starts to die and is not as good as it is when fully charged. It is a size 27mm so just a heads up! know your flange size before you order. I am normally a smaller size, but thankfully I have a similar pump that I think will fit this one too. Overall, I am so happy with this pump! I wish I could give it more than 5 stars!