S21 Double Wearable Breast Pump-Blissful Green

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  • Long battery lifer: 4-6 Sessions
  • Capacity of 6.08 oz/180 ml
  • 3 modes & 12 levels of intensity
  • 108° ergonomic flange fits most breasts
  • Less parts to Wash & Assemble
  • Lightweight and comfort Suction
Key Features

Vacuum: 280mmHg
Material: PP + Silicone
Default Flange Size: 24mm
Silent: Noise less than 45dB
Usage Time: 150mims/5-6times
Charging Port: Type-C (compatible with 5V 1A adapter)
Container Capacity: 6 oz
Weight: 230g

We have such a guide exclusively to solve this problem of moms, you can check the guide on how to measure your flange size.

What's included

Pump Motor * 2
USB Cable (Type-C) * 2
Linker * 2
Milk Collector * 2
Silicone Flange (24mm) * 2
Flange Insert (17/19/21 mm) * 2
Silicone Diaphragm * 4
Duckbill Valve * 6

Storage Bag * 10
Nipple Ruller * 1
Nursing Bra Extender * 1
Breastfeeding Guidebook * 1
User Manual * 1

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100% in-bra design

Pump wherever, whenever

MomMed breast pump has 3 modes and 12 levels for better imitating the baby's sucking motion. Moms can combine different modes and levels to optimize milk production in the most efficient and comfortable way, safe and painless. Mode selection: Stimulation, Expression, and Auto Mode.


Seamless Stucture

This newer version of MomMed double-electric pump in Style has an important upgrade - It’s now a closed system and all-in-one design, meaning it’s safer and easier to clean. It is the most hygienic type of breast pump, as the barrier prevents milk leakage and reflow.

100% in-bra design

More Invisible & Lighter

The ergonomically designed semi-circular body fits perfectly with the breast,
making MomMed portable breast pump S21 completely invisible when wearing bras. You can do everything you need without letting your pumping get in the way—feeding your baby, driving, working, visiting friends, or eating out.

Convenient & Low Noise

Lower than Whisper

With both the LED screen and physical buttons, the pump has a longer service life and is less likely to be damaged. The sound is less than 45 dB while using the wireless breast pump. Not only sleeping babies won't be disturbed but moms will avoid embarrassment when pumping in the office or on the go.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1393 reviews
Kelly A
Sleek and quiet for on the go pumping

I was looking for a portable pump that would let me go about my day while not being plugged into a wall for 30 minutes at a time. Not only is this portable but it’s quiet. It has a soft hum but that’s just the suction of the pumping. Takes a few tries to get the right settings but once I figured it out I regularly got by out 4 to 6 ounces per breast/session. Definitely would recommend.

Great purchase!

There was a bit of a learning curve but these were a great purchase. I desperately needed something to get me hands free but was concerned with the investment with some of the other brands.

Both photos were only a few days apart and 20 minute sessions. Highly recommend if your looking for hands free on a budget.

Pros: good suction options, memory feature

Cons: annoying to put together, slightly hard to position

Amazon Customer
Can’t believe I did not get this sooner!!

I love this product! I wish I got this with my first child. I just had a baby couple days ago and my milk came in and I was dreading having to use to the machines again because it was such a hassle to plug in the long tubes and the wires were always in the way and not to mention it was loud. So when I found out about this product and read the reviews I was excited to get it.

Wow this product is so easy to assemble, charge and use.

One thing to remember it’s soooooooo important!!!!

When you are opening the lid to pour your precious liquid gold in a bottle to make sure you have it flat on your hand with the lid on top. I made a mistake by opening the lid vertically and my milk spilled out to the drain !!!!! 😫😩

Buy this pump!

A Mom I follow on Instagram suggested this pump after she tested multiple pumps including the Elvie and Willow. I took her suggestion and I am not disappointed! I also have the spectra (blue) and love it. Sometimes I think this pump can be better. It has 12 levels of suction and I only need level 1! This has been so great for my always on the go lifestyle. I pump while doing house chores, driving and anything you can imagine. Plus I am able to hold baby or attend to her while pumping. I place the pumps in one of those nursing tanks in order for them to stay secure.

Portia Cone
So quiet !!

Pump is great , very quiet and convenient for my baby

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