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MomMed, an esteemed maternity and baby brand with over six years of expertise, is gearing up to introduce its highly anticipated spring initiatives. Commencing this March, MomMed will embark on a series of comprehensive brand endeavors, commencing with the "LOVE MYSELF" Campaign in honor of International Women's Day from March 8th to March 15th, followed by an enticing Spring Sale promotion spanning from March 18th to March 31st.


The "LOVE MYSELF" Campaign:

 MomMed Unveils 'LOVE MYSELF' Campaign in Honor of International Women's Day

MomMed's recent announcement of the "LOVE MYSELF" brand campaign, scheduled from March 8th to March 15th, has generated significant anticipation. During this period, female participants engaging in the MomMed survey stand a chance to win coveted sets of the brand's best-selling products. This initiative aims to cultivate solidarity among mothers, encouraging them to share their experiences and prioritize self-care needs.


MomMed Spring Sale Promotion:


In conjunction with the Women's Day Campaign, MomMed is set to launch an extensive Spring Sale event, featuring enticing discounts on a broad range of products. Split into two phases, the Spring Sale will kick off with the Breast Pump Promotion Week from March 18th to March 24th. Customers investing in MomMed's acclaimed S21 and S10 Pro Breast Pumps during this period will enjoy a substantial $40 discount.


Following the Breast Pump Promotion Week, MomMed will transition into the Parents Essentials Promotion Week, spanning from March 25th to March 31st. This segment will showcase a diverse selection of household must-haves, including Electric Bottle Brush, Diaper Bags, Exclusive Baby Shower Gift Sets, and Maternity Belly Bands, all offered at an attractive 38% discount.

 MomMed Spring Spectacular Unveiling Exclusive Discounts on Essential Baby Gear!

Highlighted Products:


  • S21 Portable Breast Pump: MomMed's S21 Portable Breast Pump offers unparalleled convenience for nursing mothers on the go. With its compact design and advanced features, including customizable suction levels and quiet, efficient output, the S21 ensures hassle-free pumping sessions anytime, anywhere.


  • Electric Bottle Brush Cleaner Set: MomMed's Electric Bottle Brush Cleaner Set provides a solution to the challenges mothers face when cleaning bottles, allowing them to multitask efficiently. Equipped with a robust motor and interchangeable brush heads, this innovative device accommodates various bottle types and effectively cleans bottle nipples and straws. It removes stubborn residue with ease, ensuring thorough sterilization for the baby's feeding essentials.


  • MomMed Diaper Bag: MomMed's Diaper Bag is a versatile accessory designed to meet the needs of busy parents. With its stylish design and spacious compartments, it offers ample storage for all your baby essentials. Crafted from durable, easy-to-clean waterproof fabric, it offers versatility, whether worn as a shoulder bag or easily affixed to a stroller.


  • Maternity Belly Bands: MomMed's Maternity Belly Bands feature a 3D wrap-around design, offering precise support during pregnancy without compromising comfort. With a 360° high-elastic band, these belly bands remain in place during physical activity and feature breathable mesh material for added comfort.


  • MomMed Baby Shower Gift Set: This set comprises MomMed's popular Electric Bottle Brush Cleaner Set, along with a set of Baby Teethers, a Baby Silicone Placemat, and a set of Baby Spoon Feeders. Initially priced at $89.99, it is currently available for $55.79 during spring sale week 2.


For further details on MomMed's spring campaigns and product offerings, please visit the official MomMed website and social media platforms.


About MomMed:


MomMed is committed to supporting mothers and infants, offering a comprehensive range of products tailored to every stage of the motherhood journey. From preconception essentials to indispensable parenting tools, MomMed provides compassionate assistance to mothers worldwide. With a deep understanding of the challenges and joys of motherhood, MomMed strives to empower women and promote their well-being.

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