S21 Double Breast Pump-Aurora Pink

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Model S21-Double Breast Pump
Item Model S21-Double Breast Pump
Materials Food Grade Silicone, ABS
product Size 5.51 x 7.08 x 6.29 inches;
Weight 1.68 Pounds
Power Input 5V-1A
Batteries 4 Lithium Ion batteries required.
Design Compact design
Mode Automatic/Massage/Suction

What's included:

Pump Motor  * 2
Milk Collector (180ml)  * 2
Silicone Breast Shields (1.06inch/27 mm)  * 2
Silicone Diaphragm  * 4 (Inclued 2 optional)
Duckbill Valve  * 4 (Inclued 2 optional)
Silicone Flange Insert (24mm)  * 2 optional
Bra Adjustment Buckles  * 2
Cleaning Brushes  * 2
Type-c Cable  * 2
Storage Bag  * 2


Key Features
  • Upgraded wearable breast pump with 3 modes and 12 levels for efficient and comfortable milk production
  • Anti-leak design with closed system and all-in-one design for hygiene and easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design for comfortable and discreet use
  • Convenient and low noise operation with LCD screen and physical buttons
  • Comes with more replacement parts for frequent pumping
  • Offers more buying suggestions and compatible accessories in different sizes.
Cleaning & Care
  • After each use, it is important to clean your Milk Collector.
  • We highly recommend using a steam sterilising system or boiling it in water for 2-3 minutes to thoroughly clean and sterilise the product.
  • Avoid using any bleach-based agents or sterilising tablets, as they may damage the product.
  • Do not use UV sterilisers to clean this product, as it may shorten its lifespan.
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Experience blissful pumping with the MomMed S21 Double Breast Pump-Pink!

This upgraded pump offers busy moms a liberating hands-free experience and an intuitive Smart Display. It also comes with 3 modes, 12 levels, 27 mm Breast Shield and 24mm Flange Insert for an ideal, personalized fit.

Enjoy an effortless and comfortable pumping session with MomMed!


All bundle sales are available only in the United States! 

This product is available in the United States ONLY!

Innovative Design

Our breast pump offers a hands-free and discreet design that allows you to pump while multitasking and moving around.

The comfortable fit is perfect for wearing under clothes and adjustable suction levels provide customized pumping. Plus, it's rechargeable and has a quiet motor for easy use on-the-go.

What to look for in a breast pump?

MomMed breast pump is designed to be lightweight and comfortable, with a compact and portable design that makes it easy to use on-the-go. The soft and flexible breast cups provide a natural fit and minimize discomfort, making pumping a more pleasant experience.

Overall, this breast pump offers a convenient and efficient way to express milk, perfect for busy nursing mothers who want a comfortable and easy-to-use option.

1.8M+ Moms Top Choice

Welcome to the ultimate pumping experience with the MomMed S21 Double Breast Pump-Pink!

1.8M+ moms have chosen this top-of-the-line breast pump for its comfort, speed and efficiency. Enjoy smoother, more comfortable pumping at home or on the go with MomMed!

6 Steps! Get the MomMed pump READY!

Customer Reviews

Based on 436 reviews
Haziqah Japin
Cutest and most painless breast pump

Not only is the color cute but I will confirm out of my 3 wireless breastpumps, this is the most discreet and painless pump I have ever used. My daughter has grown her two bottom teeth and loves to do the bite and pull method until I had to cease direct feeding and turn to fully pumping that side. Other pumps would give me that throbbing feeling of my veins being pulled, but this made me question if it was actually on or not. It surprised me when the auto time off that I had a full container full of milk.

So far, so good!

I'm a FTM and did a ton of research on portable breast pumps because I cannot be tied to a wall plug in pump anymore. I wanted to be able to move around and do chores while my daughter sleeps. I ended up going with the Mommed and I LOVE IT! the pink pump is so perfect and I can get 3-4 30 minute pumps before having to recharge it. The silicone breast shield is also super comfortable and there's only 4 parts to wash + an easy assembly. If you're not sure, get this pump!

Would recommend!

So far I love this pump! Best one I’ve owned yet!

Great and comfortable for pumping mamas!

Great and comfortable for pumping mamas!

Great option

Super easy wearable pump to use and very convenient for on the go!