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MOMMED Cooling Patch, Fever Patch for Kids,12 Sheets Unscented Fever Cooling Gel Patch for Fever Discomfort,Heat Relief,Pain Relief,Drug Free,Fever Reducer,Fever Emergency(Kids Version 12 Count).

Immediate Cooling Relief from Fever Discomfort & Pain Relief:

Physical cooling relief. Gentle skin-friendly
Cool and comfort. Safe to use with medication
Safe for adults and children

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Middour Mysteries
Works great on Teens too!

I already take a lot of medicines and whenever I can find a to avoid having to use pharmaceuticals for ailments I am willing to try it. I originally got these for myself because I knew that flu season is coming and figured these would be good to have on hand since I still have teenagers in school and I have a lowered immune system because of some of the medicines I take and because of some stomach issues I can not take any anti-inflammatories/NSAIDs.

My teenage son was actually the first one to try one of these though. He stayed home from school one day because he was not feeling well and started running a 101.9 F fever. Normally I would give him those pills we often run to for fever that start with a T but I wanted to see how these worked first and just monitor his progress because I knew I still had that option if it did not work within an hour. As soon as I put it on him he said that it felt so good. I checked him first at 15 minutes and it already brought his fever down below 101. In less than an hour, his fever was almost back to normal at 99.0 and he was already starting to feel better.

As far as the adhesion, I have noticed that they seem to stick better on some than others. On my youngest son, which is the first one to try these, it stayed stuck for about 6 hours, with no problems, and it was still sticky when he took it off. However, when my oldest son used one. after about 2 hours he had to get another one because the first one would not stay stuck. The same thing happened when I used on, except it stayed stuck on me for about 3 hours before it started to really lose its stickiness. They say that they can be used for up to 8 hours though.

Work just fine. Good size for my 4 year olds forehead. My daughter doesn't pull off

I ordered these after I'd seen a lot of negative reviews about them. So my expectations weren't super high.

With my low expectations though I have been fairly impressed by these. They are much quicker than trying to round up some ice too put on her forehead when she's having a fever. It's also nice that you don't have to stay right by her bed and keep on the ice pack or if you leave, the ice falling off & justbgetting her bed wet. These stick to her forehead really well but come off without any pain. She kept them on without pulling them off for hours so I was happy about that.

These stay cool for about 3 hours I would say, which is pretty good compared to ice as well, and no wet bed from condensation.

I think it would be nice to have them come in more like paks of 10 or 20 because they are small, which they need to be to stay on her forehead without being in her hair, but only so little of her head gets covered so I put one on her neck. You could also put two across on forehead for probably even better results. So if you use 2-3 each time, the pack would only be helpful for maybe one night.

Big enough for adults, too

I ordered this 6 Pack of MomMed Fever Patches for Babies, to add to our first aid kit, after my grandson became over heated when we were on vacation. We didn’t have anything but a water bottle to cool him and I feared that he was suffering from heat exhaustion. That was pretty scary! These cooling pads would have come in handy on those two occasions. I decided to try one to see how they felt. I could feel the coolness, even before I opened the package. I opened the package and removed the clear film from the patch. The patch has a slight odor, that reminds me of an antiseptic. I looked for the list of ingredients, but I couldn’t find that information on the box or packets. The box has white letters on a gold background and I had a hard time ready the small print. The gel side of the pad is sticky and kind of slimy, but it feels cold. I stuck the blue gel side to my forehead. It was bigger than I thought it would be (see photo). I took it off, put the clear film back on it and cut the patch down the middle. I thought I would see slime oozing out, but to my surprise I did not. I also thought that my scissors would have a slimy residue on the blades, but they did not. I put both halves back on my forehead and they stuck firmly. They continued to cool for awhile. I did not leave the patch on for a long period, so I don’t know if these patches will cool for up to 8 hours. These patches have an expiration date of 2024/08/04 and a Manufacture date of 2022/08/05. I think I will keep a couple of these in my refrigerator, since the ad said they work even better if refrigerated, and the rest will be in our travel first aid kit.

Maureen E Dizon
Cat Scratch Fever, Joke!

I really like this product and comes in really handy! My daughter wasn't feeling well after her shots. I'm glad it came before her appointment in the nick of time. I'll be packing this in my emergency preparedness kit in my diaper backpacks and some in bathroom too.

It gets really comfortable cold when placed inside the freezer for few hours. Comes in handy when you least suspect it.

Only cons is that you would have to aim it and stick it once. It stays on however, if you tried to readjust it or move it to another part of the won't stick long. Can last about 4-6 hours without touching it.


 I'm not a big reviewer, but I wanted to share how these helped me in surprising ways...

I've had them for a couple of weeks now. I bought them to keep handy in my drug free "medicine" box. I haven't had any fevers, but found myself reaching for one in a super stressful work situation. My body was overheating, I felt dizzy, etc. I put it on my head and within five minutes, I was completely calm, refocused, and went into troubleshooting mode - Panic Attack Free! Obviously, the cooling sensation played a major role, but I really like how these smell too! It's like an overall soothing experience.

I'm epileptic and have even slapped these patches on when I felt a little "iffy," to avoid seizures!

Honestly, even if you're just hot, you can put one under your clothes and totally cool down, thus avoiding embarrassing sweat spells in social situations.

I posted a video to show the stickiness. It's the perfect amount of stickiness where they don't fall off (even when walking around,) yet there's no need to hype yourself up to remove it. It really doesn't hurt at all.

These are FANTASTIC.