Cooling Patch for Family 38 Sheet

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Experience long-lasting relief and comfort with the Mommed Cooling Patch for Family 38 Sheet. Perfect for fever discomfort and heat relief, this drug-free solution helps you and your family stay bold even in the toughest moments.

 A family pack includes 20 sheets for adults, 12 for children, and 6 for babies.

Step up your first aid game and enjoy effortless home or travel coolness. Get ready to beat the heat!


Avoid contacting with the eyes, mucous membranes or rashes

Do not apply to wounds or damaged or very sensitive skin

Apply cooling gel patch will not stick if the skin is wet

Please see a doctor if rashes, redness, itching or irritation occurs Storage

If pregnant or breast-feeding, you are forbidden to use

Customer Reviews

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Very sticky and it really is cooling

When you or your child have a fever, these are great as an alternative to holding a frozen bag of peas to your head. They stick very well, and doesn’t leave any residue on your skin when you go to peel it off.

They come individually wrapped, and all you have to do is peel off the backing strip and slap it onto your forehead. They have the most amount of strips for adults, but I actually need to use these for my kids as I find that if I myself need to hold the bag of peas, I can versus my kid isn’t going to keep any bags of frozen anything to their heads long enough to give them relief from the fever.

You can always cut up the adult strips and use it as 2 baby strips too.

Great Addition to Your Medical Supplies

These fever/cooling patches are a great addition to my medical supplies. They come designed for babies, children, and adults. The patches are gently adhesive so that you can take them off without causing any discomfort or irritation to the skin. They can also be cut to size or shape if needed. They can be used to help reduce fevers, or they can be used for an injured body area.

These patches will give a cool feeling to the area applied for up to 8 hours. The adult and older children patches have a menthol ingredient in them, which adds to the coolness. It is not necessary to refrigerate the patches, but you could put a couple in the refrigerator for added coolness if you had someone with a fever or maybe a sprain or injury. They are much easier to use than having to soak a cloth in ice water to bring down a fever. I like that because these patches contain no medication, it is fine to use them in conjunction with an approved fever-reducing or pain medication.

I tried these patches myself after getting two vaccines on the same day and running a fever. It's the first time I have used these patches. I am happy to say that they actually felt great and helped out. 5 stars from me.

Nice for headaches

I constantly get headaches. May it be from muscle strain or allergies.
I did put one in the refrigerator for an extra cooling affect. Places it on the back of my neck and within 10 minutes I could start feeling some relief.
I would think it would work great at reducing fevers. I'm hoping I never have to test that part out on these patches.
I'll probably store the box in the refrigerator so they are always nice and cold when I need one.
A small ice pack would probably work the same but, it's hard to keep ice packs on certain parts of my body. So, I like these to have on hand.

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Strange gel patch but it actually seems to work great.

 These patches are basically a wet gel that act as a cold compress to bring down your temperature. The baby version does not contain menthol that the other two versions do contain so it works almost exactly as a cold wet compress would work for fever. The menthol in the kid and adult version add an extra element to cooling you kind of like an icy hot sensation. The only minus is that the ingredients are listed nowhere on any of the packaging. Not the box, the inner packaging or the individual packages of compresses. I had to inquire with the company on the ingredients and was told they contain: water, glycerol and menthol but the baby version does not have menthol.

Sandra Prado
Great patches

I like these patches easy to put on the forehead! It’s much easier to take my sons temperature with these. Also my husbands and I it’s better this way. I definitely recommend this to all my family and friends.