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"How to create a happy family?" A question thought out by Mommed brand founder when establishing the brand in 2017.
Now, let me have your attention briefly:
Listen to my case.
I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome by doctors, which means I have to make more considerable efforts to try to get pregnant. Undoubtedly, this attempting process made me extremely anxious and suffered from depression.

By God's blessing, after trying several numbers of test strips, I finally got my baby. Because it was hard to come by, I cherish him. And I carefully prepared everything that suits my child during his growth.

As my child grows up, I realize that my parents are getting old. And I have always been very concerned about my parents' health.Therefore, I spend a lot of time and energy, looking for products that will suit my parents' age.Having done this, everyone lives a happy life around me. My efforts contributed significantly to a happy family, of which I am most proud as a mother.

Since the Mommed brand was established in 2017, it has provided and still providing products for women preparing for pregnancy 
and during it. It has produced and still providing for babies, kids, adults, and the elderly. Each of our products is useful for a certain 
period. It is all for a mother dedicated to her family. 
Permit me to present you with products selected carefully by me for each period of every family.

We aimed at providing the most professional guidance and the longest companionship for every family.Whenever,Mommed always be with you like a mom.
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