About Mommed

Welcome to mommed! We‘re glad you visited our online store today. We are a manufacturing company that focuses on producing “happy family” quality products at the best prices. Mommed Company was established in 2017 by a team who are committed to the greatness of humanity.

Mommed operates as a private enterprise with a common goal of providing adequate medical useful products for your whole family. At Mommed, value every member of your family’s health and always try to evaluate how some technologic revaluation may solve any fundamental problem for them. We have a team of dedicated and experienced experts made of intelligent researchers, consulting physicians, technicians, quality controllers, etc.

Our Major Products:

Although Mommed is an innovative company with the primary intention of providing adequate medical useful products for your family, our current products include:
· Pregnancy and Ovulation Test Strips
· Baby Scale
· Baby Toy
· Baby care
· Muscle Stimulator
· Oximeter

Our team is still very busy researching and working tirelessly towards providing more innovative family-health products. Our target customers include you, the whole Family (Mother, Father, Baby, Grandpa, Grandma, Pets).

Product Quality:

At Mommed we put much interest in every single product we produce. We understand that productivity is something that all individuals and companies strive to achieve. However, it is not enough to be just productive and to churn out bulks of products without looking into quality control. That is simply irresponsible. It is our core business interest to ensure that our customers get satisfactory value for money spends on any of our products. We never compromise on the quality of products regardless of the competitive prices. We ensure that our products meet international products standard. Some of our export markets (countries) include the United States, Germany and a host of others.

Please feel free to open our products section and make your orders. Our products prices are competitive. Your product(s) timely delivery is also our priority. We assure you that you will be satisfied with our products quality.

Check our products section. One of our sales representatives will be ready to help you out with explaining the product and will help you with the orders.

If you have any question or concern, Please feel free to contact us at (support@mommedtech.com) Our help desk is very attentive to our customers’ question or concern.

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